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The reason why there are no books by Pilar Sordo and Jorge Baradit in a "popular bookstore" Art and Culture

Four days after the inauguration Recoletras, a "popular library" recollect, new details of the unprecedented municipal initiative, aimed at offering discount books 30% and 70% in relation to market values.

So far, the store offers more than 6,500 titles on their shelves, from reference books (dictionaries, encyclopedias, texts for learning) to literary novels and literary sagas G.R.R Martin, going through the "secret stories" of Jorge Baradit and the local bestseller Veteran of three wars from Guillermo Parvex, for example.

However, after the bookshop falls, a logical question arises among his suspicious: Under what parameters are the titles that are selected? José Luis Moncada, director of the Recoletrass Administration, clarified doubts in the dialogue with the portal Culto.

"We have a committee in which we choose the most diverse possible. Mayor, councilors, people of the University (Open of Recoleta), Pedro Lemebel libraries etc. Participate., said the municipal official.

Although the authors are Recoletras differ in political opinion (there are books from Luis CorvalanEven the former Secretary of the Communist Party Roberto Ampuero, current chancellor Sebastian Piñera), points out one detail: the absence of any publication self-help, including those of Gluha Pilar.

"We believe in organizing people, community organization, more than for myself, I will do everything", explained Moncada.

The same publication advances part of one of the future store plans: allow customers (residents of any municipality in Chile, not just in Rekoleti) can personally order the books they want to buy.

Recoletras was opened on Monday and for two days the income of $ 4,348,965 crazy through sales 289 books, only by cash. Municipalities expect that interest will increase in the coming weeks, when textbooks and academic texts are offered on their shelves.

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