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The Samsung Galaxy S11 could have a sliding screen according to the latest registered patent

According to the patent, the Samsung Galaxy S11 could increase its size by 25% next year with the screen moving and expanding upwards.

Very recently, we have witnessed the emergence of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and have been able to test its virtue. However, there are already people thinking about phones that the Korean brand could introduce next year. In fact some have already announced their predictions saying the Samsung Galaxy S11 could have a sliding screen.

The forecast comes from LetsGoDigital. According to the blog, Samsung registered a utility model patent on February 21, 2019 with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This was released on August 29th and can be seen with a very curious design, We basically understand that the company has a slider screen in mind.

We realize we saw it as a long device with strange metal frames at the bottom. In addition, there is a compartment on the back that separates the compartment of the rear chamber. Obviously this could hide them when not in use and make the phone more compact.

Samsung S11

What characteristics could it have?

The people in charge of LetsGoDigital have also given themselves the task of checking what a smartphone will look like. That being said, they had to work and make their own version.

As they point out, the screen would move up. This would allow an extra portion of the screen to appear at the bottom. Also, apparently the metal edge would indicate the part that remains fixed. On top of that the screen would be curved and this is what can be displayed.

When moving, smartphone would be extended by 25%, This might be useful roll on a page, for example.

On the other side, You could have three cameras hiding when the screen didn't slide outAs far as the front camera is concerned, it would be positioned next to the speaker. Therefore, the void feature on the screen acquired by the Galaxy line from the Samsung Galaxy S10 would be lost.

Samsung Galaxy S11

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