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The scammer known as the Chilean "Scarlett Johansson" was arrested

Certified personnel from looking for fugitives Carabineros Carolina Leiva, known as Chilean "Scarlett Johansson" and who was a fugitive of justice after committing several scams.

A woman, 35, was intensively looking for her crime of counterfeiting and malicious use of public documents, In March last year he was arrested after asking for a loan as a sister.

Leiva is arrested 4,347,360 pesos in cash and high-grade varieties such as Versace sunglasses, Chanel watches, plus Carolina Herrera accessories and Louis Vuitton.

Lieutenant Oscar Valdés told "Hola Chile" that his number of fraud exceeded 3,000 million pesos, which is quite a significant figure. Many people who were deceived belonged to the world of entertainment".

"Her modus operandi was completely unique: she falsified property certificates, public and private documents to get credit for large sums of money," added Valdés.

The Leiva has been fled for justice for 188 days to date, which means that since April it was not located. During this period he lived a normal life, talked with his contacts and he fell when he went to see the tarotists.

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