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The study claims it is a perfect measure to fight insomnia

The study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that more than a third of adult Americans Sleep less than seven hours a day. In this context, experts advise avoid certain drinks before bedtime, but little has been said about those who could improve the quality of sleep.

"Things that contain caffeine are definitely not desirable for most people"said Jessica Garay Redmond, a professor at the Department of Nutrition and Nutrition Studies at the University of Syracuse, New York.

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The teacher recommends it to people to stop consuming caffeine during the afternoon after the dinner time was stopped for the last sip "So they can have a rest day when they are asleep".

If you are one of those who resort to it cup of coffee to wake up when you sleep in the office, according to Garay, can reduce the dose.

The Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine published an article in 2013 which suggests reliance on caffeine consumption six hours before going to sleep.

Unlike caffeine, researcher Rebecca Robbins of the University of New York explained to CNN that her alcohol can help her sleep, but that's where the benefits end. Alcohol absorbs your consumers at lighter stages of sleep and "dramatically reduces the quality of your rest at night," he said.

Robbins explained that these fantasies "get out of the quick eye movement and the deepest degree of sleep that makes wake up without a sense of refreshment. "

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then What better to sleep better?

Some studies consider this Milk consumption can be useful for improving sleep, even warm milk mixed with honey.

Garay learns that this recommendation has been "long-standing" for high concentration tryptophan present in milk. It is an amino acid that becomes a chemical in the brain when it enters the body associated with sleeping: melatonin, which helps regulate the natural cycles of sleep and alertness in the body, and serotonin, which causes relaxation and drowsiness.

However, "at this point there are many studies that have analyzed the effects of milk and warm milk, without showing the obvious link making it a universal recommendation ", Garay asked. Many researchers now doubt it (the effect of milk) can be more psychological than anything else, "he said.

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Prior to the opportunity, the National Sleep Foundation was surprised by a study that secrets of good sleep, simple, in proper hydration of the body. The investigation is mentioned Going to bed is just a little dehydrated, it can break your sleep.

To maintain proper hydration and sleep better, National Academy of Sciences recommends that men consume about 3.7 liters of water (or 15.5 glasses) of water per day, while the consumption of women should amount to an average of 2.7 liters (or 11.5 cups).

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