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The third Gearbox teaser points to another Borderland ad

In the past few days, the Gearbox has shaken its base of fans with a series of teasing men who speculate on what it will show at PAX East 2019. The third message shows what could be translated into a possible arrival Borderlands 2 on the Nintendo Switch.

Through Twitter, the official account of a creative company Borderlands He has published another message, which would already be a third of this announcement in relation to PAX East 2019. It is written the same as before: "It's time to look at another PAX game!" , but the new thing is that the image that follows it in low resolution.

Despite this, the message is enough for the series known, who have already identified that this scene has similarity to the Gunbringer shrine, the second place's title. And the character in front is nothing more and nothing less than Maya. If we continue with speculations, like Borderlands 2 is already on all platforms except the Nintendo Switch, this teaser will spin around the possible alignment of the 2009 title to the hybrid console.

But that is not all because they discovered a fourth image a few hours ago, showing nothing but a dark background with the accent on the "&" in red.

It is not certain with each new tweet that this message refers to a variety of games or if they all point to only one. If it's a lot of games, it would be 3 – if we consider the first message as a pure invitation – and we doubt it.

In short, there are 4 publications so far. The first image with the call sign, the other showing the operating room, the third low resolution image, and the most recent one only displays the "&" symbol. The first and third appear to be related Borderlands, while the other 2 do not give any idea. Just wait another 13 days to find out.

PAX East 2019 will be held from March 28 to March 31. You can track what has been announced about the event if you follow this link.

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