Thursday , May 6 2021

The Union has won in agony, leader and history

Actors of the Plaza Chacabuco beat Curicó Unido 2-1 with 86 minutes in the game, Maura Caballera. Since 1993, no record has been achieved as the present.

The Spanish Union came up against the Curicó Unidas as the leader of the first seven days and knowing the results of the Catholic University, now a companion, and Union La Calera, the third. And although the table in Maulina was supposed to spoil the Hispanic party, the aggression Maura Caballero held them to the top.

Paraguayans scored 2-1 with a goal that remained four minutes before the end. Opening account was 21, via Ezequiel Palomeque, and a partial draw was marked by Franco Bechtholdt (72 & # 39;).

With this result, Image Fernanda Díaza continues with 18 units, and UC is in second place with 16. Third appearance with 14.

By the way, the Spanish box equalized a string that was not given in 1993, with six consecutive victories. He only lost on the opening date against Colo Colo.

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