Saturday , June 19 2021

The unusual privilege that Cristiano Ronaldo had at Ferguson's Manchester United

Big players sometimes have the privileges that others can not access. From time to time, they are even out-of-the-box and lead to controversy, such as those held by Neymar in PSG as his franchisee, something that's still very American, maybe too. Other times, partners take over and understand that a certain type of player needs a different field job. Therefore, as Solskjaer discovered, Sir Alex Ferguson gave him the privilege Cristiano Ronaldo that he never approached anyone, neither Canton.

Manchester United vs. Stoke City - Premier League

In an interview for La Gazzetta dello Sport, Solskjaer, former footballer Manchester United, talked about his time with red devils and about Cristiano Ronaldo, the player he had played in England and who saw him from the first step. The Norwegian has revealed that he is Cristiano Ronaldo "He was the only Sir Alex said that he only cared about the attack and did not think about defensive work, neither did Giggs, neither Beckham nor Canton ever say." Exactly: if a player lost the ball or the ball, the Portuguese was excluded from ignoring the situation and should wait in place until his teammates recapture the ball. An entertaining fact, first of all taking into account the phrase saying "the first defenders are strikers"

Solskjaer also called for Portuguese to explain his start in Manchester United. Portuguese "at the beginning I was shy and I did not know the language Then I learned Every day I was in the gym for forty minutes before the training and stayed forty minutes later Today's great play in Juventus and the legend of Real Madrid Sir Alex Ferguson has perfectly understood the Portuguese potential.

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