Thursday , May 6 2021

These are the best selling pickups in the world in 2018

International counseling Focus2Move just published the rank picks up Most commercialized around the planet in 2018. The report re-runs the American van big size, while the first of picks up from Toyota Hilux.


If we go to global rank by brand, the big winner is Ford. Oval company recorded sales of 1.35 million units, representing a year-on-year increase of 0.6%. The second was Japanese Toyota, which recorded 998,107 placements (+ 10.2%), and the last on the Chevrolet podium, which had 912,736 vans (+1.0).

Ford has a formula

In an analysis that was completed by certain models, the company, which was founded by Henry Ford, was leading F Series, improving even good results in 2017 when it reached a milestone sales milestone. In 2018, F-series trucks, led by the non-F-150, reached 1.08 million (+0.7). The United States and Canada represent 98% of total sales.


Second place is Chevrolet Silverado, which has lost 0.2% and is far from the advantage, with only 658,942 entries. The third place is RAM with 609,801 (+ 1.4%)

At fourth place Toyota Hilux with 551.266 appears, which has progressed by 9.2%. Unlike the first three models, Hilux's sales are distributed to more than 140 countries and dominate in areas such as Africa, the Middle East and South America (Chile is the second).


On the fifth place is Isuzu D-Max (sold in Chile under Chevrolet brand) with 303,160 placements (+16.4) followed by GMC Sierra with 276,371 entries (-4.1%). Toyota Tacoma is the seventh with 265,525 (+ 21.5%), the eighth with Ford Ranger with 262,929 units (+ 0.4%), the ninth Chevrolet Colorado with 167,633 (+ 15.1%) and finally the Nissan Navara (Chile NP300) truck (+21.2).

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