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They are trying to prevent dengu, ziku, chikungunyu and yellow fever


They are trying to prevent dengu, ziku, chikungunyu and yellow fever

These are diseases transmitted by mosquitoes that are propagating in the region and neighboring countries during the summer. The proliferation of these insects and the increase of tourist offer mean that prevention measures are repeated.



Dengue fever, chicken, chikungunya and yellow fever are diseases that carry mosquitoes, which are common in the region during the summer.
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The province's health ministry has repeated a number of recommendations to prevent diseases such as dengue, zik, chikungunya and yellow fever, transmitted by mosquitoes, which are common in the region during the summer due to the proliferation of these insects and the increase in tourism where these pathologies are endemic.

In a specific case of yellow fever, the virus circulates in border countries, particularly in certain areas of Brazil. For this reason, those traveling to this destination should have a dose of preventive vaccine, applied 20 days before the trip.

In comparison to other illnesses at home and at peridomycin level, it is necessary to remember that mosquito, the main factor in the transmission of these viruses, is raised in tanks such as bottles, vases, canes, pots, pools, animal beds, tanks, or pots with clean and quiet water, present in houses and on terraces, gardens, balconies and terraces.

The main recommendations are: to throw items that are not used and can accumulate water; Put containers upside down that are used daily as pots, jars, cans, bottles or bottles; Contain impermeable containers and containers containing water; and maintain clean channels and drainage channels; Swirl the water in the vases, fish and animal groats and clean them every three days, both at home and in the cemeteries. In the latter case, replace the water in the damp basin and keep the terraces and gardens neat and plastered; Remove water from holes in trees, wells, abandoned toilets and luggage holders; Keep the pool clean, chlorinated or empty out of season.

Also, from the provincial sanitation portfolio, they provided specific recommendations for those who visit areas with active circulation of dengue, zika or chikungunya or border countries, especially Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia or other regions of South America, Central America and the Caribbean, and the Argentinian Province of Misiones and Formosa: Use repellents and supplement them every 4 or 6 hours while staying in a country or area where there are cases of some of these three diseases that contain between 15 and 30% of DEET (N, N-diethyl-m-toluamide) ; For pregnant women and breastfeeding, DEET repellents are used in accordance with product safety. Most of the repetitions, including those containing DEET, can be used in children older than two months. However, in both cases it is imperative to consult a specialist physician in advance; When exposed to sun, first place a sunscreen, let it absorb for 15 minutes and then apply the repellent; Wear light clothing and cover, especially after sunset; Sleeping in mosquito protection facilities, equipped with mosquito nets, tiles, air conditioning, ventilators, electrical appliances with tablets, among others; Use insecticides inside homes as spirals, thermosapable tablets or aerosols.

When you come back from the road, you should be careful of any discomfort. If you have flu-like symptoms (high temperature, headache, joint pain, general weakness, pain behind your eyes) without the appearance of cold or mucus, you will need to consult your doctor immediately and direct your travel history,

Yellow fever in Brazil

It can be transmitted via the bite of mosquitoes previously infected with the virus of the disease. This can be serious and cause death.

The disease has no treatment, but it can be prevented by specific vaccination, with the protective measures specified for other diseases.

The vaccine is the main preventive measure, as it provides protection after 10 days of placement and lasts for a lifetime. It is intended for those who visit areas with proven active circulation of this disease and have no contraindications to receive.

Those who go to Brazil must take special care. The vaccine is recommended for people over the age of 9 who visit the beaches of South East and South.

It should be noted that vaccination is not necessary for those who visit the northern beaches of Fortaleza, Recife, Natal, Macei, Puerto de Gallini or Jericoacoari. To date, these places do not pose a risk of illness.

Symptoms of yellow fever suddenly appear with a lot of fever, chills and headaches. In addition, muscle aches, nausea and vomiting may occur. Many times, severe forms cause bleeding, liver failure, and multiple organ failure.

Due to the appearance of these symptoms, it is imperative to consult a doctor quickly and not take the medication. Common fever can be extremely harmful.

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