They investigate whether the body found in Chiguayante, the one of Tamar Zurita, national

They investigate whether the body found in Chiguayante corresponds to the body of Tamar Zurit

A young woman has disappeared since September 2018. Tvn


On Tuesday, a body was found in the municipality chiguayante, Region Biobío. The Investigative Police Department (PDI) is investigating whether the remains match those from Tamara Zurita, a young woman has disappeared in that area since September 2018.

According to Governor Concepción, Roberta Contreras, "About 16:50 hours have come to the knowledge that the remains of the skeleton were found in the Chiguayante municipality, we passed that location together with the PDI, and we are waiting for the operatives to determine the sex and cause of death.


The Chief of the Brigade for Assassination, Jorge Abate's Concept, explained that bones are suitable for women between 20 and 25 years.

The cops found clothes that match the one worn by the young woman at the time of her disappearance. "We have a family from Santa Juana and one from Concepciónthey are working on identifying identity, clothing, but mostly DNA systems in the criminal laboratory, "Abate said.

Through DNA tests, the Legal Medical Service will check whether the bones fit with Tamara. The PDI has called for the parents of young women at 9 am this Thursday at the Concepción Prosecutor's Office.

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