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They suggest that the Dairy Way can draw new planets out of orbit

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Updated on 11.12.2018. – 09:14

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London, 11/12/2018 (People Online) – A group of scientists revealed what could be two floating planets, which do not spin around any star, on the Milky Way, says RT

According to new research, the Galaxy Galaxy Galaxy known as galactic prototype can host a planet of Neptune's size, while the planet's disk has another Earth-like earth planet. However, given the difficulty of locating planets without stars, it is not yet clear how large floating planets really are.

The study gives the power of the idea that small planets are much more common on the Milky Way of the Star, the Daily Mail said.

Finding a planet that does not spin around a star is a tough task because the discovery of an exoplanet is often based on the variations of light that occurs when passing in front of its star. Without fluctuations in star light, it is necessary to use the technique known as the gravitational micro-lens system for detecting planets.

Although the existence of two planets has not yet been confirmed, researchers say the findings will be consistent with what the planetary formation theory predicts.

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