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This is a program that Rafael Araneda returns to Quinta Vergara

Sitting in one of Fox's offices in Vitacura, Rafael Araneda says he "never bothered me to be a new bird, I was several times." And that shows. The animator is delighted in his new television house and says he will take over several projects in the Fox Networks group this year, but the starting point will be La previa, a new satellite program that prepares a chain for Viña 2019, the first Festival to be broadcast with TVN and channel 13.

"During the Festival, publicity is taking place very attractive things that have never been reported or passed, and I think that Fox has been watching the 360 ​​Degree Festival, and we will turn it into a showcase that was previously inaccessible because many have no idea what's going on behind the scenes, in the corridors and behind the scenes And not only will we be in Quinti, but also in hotels, transfers and movements of artists in the streets of Viña del Mar, if we are not invasive.We will all be friendly but we want to be present in all places " , he says about the space to be broadcast between 20 and 21:30, from February 24 to March 1, Fox Channel for Chile. The whole region, meanwhile, will be exhibited by Fox Life.

In The Preview, Araneda will be six days with the model and Colombian leader Pauline Vega, in the same place where he served as an animator of the event for eight years through the screen of Chicago. Returning to Quinta Vergara does not mean nostalgia on the other hand, "he says," but brings joy, fun, celebration, and new opportunities, a chance to reach 60 million homes and a great challenge. "We have to do it well because we need to be able to fascinate and show our Festival. "And he continues:" Our challenge is to give you, and in its sixties, coverage at a regional level that you did not have and make a previous one that has never been done. "

Both drivers will be in the set, but the main goal of the project is mobility, so they will have cameras of all kinds located in different parts of the city, which will show various areas related to the Festival de Viña, its artists, jury, public and animators. Once every transmission has started, the animator will continue on screen for a few minutes at 21 o'clock. "I understand that I was released after the first artist, but the transfer continues, and that is why we will make a post with Camilo Stuardo, 60 years of deserved detailed coverage, and we will link to the moments needed to be transmitted to the audience of the entire regional block. The cut lasts for 10 minutes, Fox's last four. We have six minutes where our professionals can access some of the artists and things that are just happening there. "

Without competition

Canal 13 and TVN are also preparing their satellite program, Échale la culpa and Viña, with Francis García-Huidobro and Cristian Sánchez from the Sheraton Miramar Hotel. If you see competition in this area, Araneda is clear: "I think that these are completely different programs. What we are going to do is not seen, it has a second tone, another rhythm, another structure, and its goal is to influence the audience outside our borders and hence we need to make a more global, less local program. For the same reason, he says he returned to practice his neutral Spanish.

Left for a moment his new role in naming, Araneda admits that it is the day that most of them expect from Backstreet Boys. "Last year we tried to bring it up and it did not work. And not only that, Marcela (Vacarezza, his wife) had a slip and turned out to have come, and finally we laughed at the situation," he recalls.

Paulina Vega, meanwhile, arrives in Chile for the next few days and does not hide her enthusiasm when she confirms that "the performance of the dream presents La previa in Viño, even more in Fox's hands. It will be a unique and unforgettable experience."

Viña 2019 breaks record sales and runs out for two nights

Because of the social networking reaction, some have predicted a fast-selling ticket for the night at Backstreet Boys in Viña, set for February 28th. But the fans of the quintet have exceeded expectations: after last-minute ticket sales, which reached only a few minutes, yesterday's general sales began for that day and the tickets were sold out for two hours. In fact, at some sales venues in Viña del Mar, there were long lines to buy the entrance (see picture).

Meanwhile, the inaugural night of the competition, featuring Wisin y Yandel, Felipe Avello and Sebastian Yatra, did the same at five o'clock. Both cases are what the organization calls "historical records," since never before had been two days in a few hours. All in all, tickets can still be purchased for the rest of the night (February 25, March 26 and March 27 and March 1) via the Puntoticket system.

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