Monday , May 17 2021

This is the solar eclipse of Mars! The Rover curied this impressive event for curiosity [FOTOS]

Although Opportunity and Spirit have moved to a better life, missions on Mars are continuing. Nass Curiosity rover captured the chill out of Mars's satellites Phobos and Deimos.

With the help of solar filters located in your palm camera (Mastcam) rover The curiosity was able to capture the exact moment in which his satellites Phobos and Deimos pass between the Sun and Mars.

Phobos was photographed on March 26 this year, or in the sun 2359, that is on Mars Mission curiosity, In the meantime, Deimos It was shot on March 17, 2019, or on Sunday 2350.

As you can see in the pictures Phobos (11 kilometers wide) does not cover the full sun, so it is considered an annular bitterness. On the other side, Deimos (2.3 km wide) is depicted as a small spot passing through the Sun.

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