Saturday , June 19 2021

This Wednesday, 31 Colombian citizens are expelled for committing crimes in Chile

During this Wednesday 31 Colombian citizens were expelled from Chile, who have court sentences for crimes committed in our country.

There will be 21 immigrants of that nationality who will be taken from Group 10 FACH on Hercules C130 in Iquique, where ten more people will go to Bogota.

The most common crimes are mostly those relating to the Law of 20,000 drug trafficking.

Out of a total of 31 displaced persons, there are three women.

earlier, in August, another 51 Colombian was executed, who also committed various crimes in Chile.

Most of the 31 Colombians expelled during this Wednesday are drug smuggling, and two more are for qualified robbery and illegal possession of firearms, one for robbery with intimidation, and 6 for robbery robberies.

Also, during This week will be the expulsion of Bolivians and Peru, all with a judicial order and in this way a total of 71 expulsions will take place..

With regard to the balance made of this process of expulsion of foreign nationals of our country, all those who are waiting and committed crimes, this flight will count 1.682 expulsion, 96% for court and the other 4 for administrative issues.

Drug trafficking is the most common crime amongst displaced immigrants, with 88%.

The most prominent nationalities are those that correspond to Peru, Bolivia and Colombia.

You can find more details in the attached video.

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