Tuesday , May 18 2021

Tremor 4.9 is seen in the Coquimbo region

On Saturday afternoon, earthquake 4.9 was noted in northern zone of Chile.

According to the National Seismological Center, the earthquake emerged 19 km south of La Serena, at a depth of 63.3 kilometers.

As reported National Emergency Office (Onemi), intensity of earthquake, in scale MM, were the following:

Andacollo: V

Coquimbo: V

Figs: III

La Serena: V

Monte Patria: III

Ovalle: IV

Paiguano: IV

Punitaqui: IV

Río Hurtado: III

Vicuña: IV

As reported by the Navy's Oceanographic and Hydrographic Service (SHOA), it noted that the earthquake not fulfills the necessary conditions to create a tsunami on the banks of Chile.

No damage is reported to people, no basic services or infrastructure that is the result of this earthquake.

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