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Trucks deliver an ultimatum to the government for rising oil prices

National Confederation of Chilean Freight Transport (CNTC Chile), sent a letter to President Piñero expressing his own dissatisfaction and demanding current fuel policy, announcing that an indefinite strike will begin on November 15 at 00:00 in the event that their requests are not heard.

The letter emphasizes that "the unstable and insecure scenario of fuel policy prices, Continued growth in diesel prices required a 20 percent non-recoverable turnover of working capital".

The letter itself points out that it was meeting at 130 national level leaders The basics of trucks demanded that the Government implement "fuel policy where the mechanisms for setting consumer prices and the way in which ENAP achieves the values ​​that the market imposes".

They are also looking for a "law on transportation which to create conditions for ending the sector's informality, which directly affects legally constituent companies "ensuring that today"there is only initial legislation that is basically dealing with norms that are spread across the various legal bodies that regulate it".

"We want to carry freight on the road are carried out by companies that possess the identification, property and technical specifications of the vehicles involved in operation, "CNTC added.

It should be noted that the letter is closed giving a Six-day ultimatum for the Government to respond.

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