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Monterrey, NL.- Leader National Front against AMLO (Frenaaa), Gilberto Lozano González, warned that if the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, makes him or his family “something more than a scratch” and has already bought the trust “so that the elite group ends up with all those who have to kill because they have already discovered the houses of everything around López’s man”.

In response to the information he published UNIVERSAL In the sense that the National Intelligence Center has been monitoring the activities of Frena and his leader Gilbert Lausanne since May, he replied to the president via video message that he denied on Friday morning that his government was spying on politics. opponents as before.

Lozano explained that “López is a hypocrite, a fake and a coward, a very coward” and pointed out: “I am not afraid of him because I have bought the trust to end all those who have to finish if a scratch comes to me or my family” on behalf of the president or his family members .

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He added that “it has already been revealed that the houses of everything surrounding Mr López have an elite group that solves the problem if this guy dares to do more than scratch” against him.

He reiterated that the president’s denial that there was no more espionage and that tracking Frenaa leader’s activities based on simple newspaper clippings was the funniest and most unbelievable.

Lozano expressed that, on the contrary, Frenaa and her person are monitored and monitored to report what she is doing and where she is sleeping. He confirmed that the entire intelligence body (of the federal government) is dedicated to Frenai today. “That is undeniable, even if Lopez says he is not persecuting me,” Lozano said.

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There is no doubt, he stressed, “they will not spy on other groups of citizens, do you think they will spy on Claudia (X González) or Gustavo (de Hoyos), or those Sí por México? to spy, because they were ordered to line up on June 6, and will not even spy on the parties. “

Those who will spy, he said, are in Frenaai, “because we are the real opposition, we are not looking for a public office and we are the antidote to Morenavirus.”

According to Lausanne, to confirm espionage against him, “it is enough to see the Holy Inquisition, youtubers, infiltrators in Frenaai dedicated more than hitting López, for me it is the best testimony of the one who bought it.” “President.

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I hope that, he said, the matter will only come to espionage, because they will not find anything, and what (AMLO) says is true that he who does not owe is not afraid of anything, because Frenaaa is a movement governed by the rule of law . Although the actions will be stronger, they will still try to force López Obrador to leave the presidency on November 30. But if they fail, he added, he will continue until he leaves “because he represents the Chavista dictatorship.”

But the problem is infiltration, buying prostitutes for fidelity, people who are more committed to kicking Frenaa and him than the president, because they bet that by hitting one of the top spokespersons of the government council, they will weaken the Brakes. On the contrary, they have intensified it.

He attacked the president saying, “López, you are a hypocrite, a liar, you are a perverted beggar, and the truth is that you are something that was counted in his days.”

He asked him about the publication of the Moral Constitution, which Lozano called his poor code, not ethical, as he confirmed that it was a mockery of the people of Mexico, because “those who did it were Manuel Bartlett, Ricardo Monreal, Elba Esther Gordillo, Marcelo Ebrard, Pío López Obrador, Alfonso Romo, Tatiana Clouhtier, and I think even Chapito Zambrano put his hand on him ”.

He asked how he would say those evils, those robbers (which is ethical) and that he would provide psychological treatment to psychopaths, criminals, drug dealers, kidnappers and that they must be forgiven: “Well, it must have been written. organized crime for them ”.

Gilberto Lozano stressed that he would launch a vaccination campaign against “Morenavirus”, “the worst crisis and disease Mexico has gone through” because Morena’s governors “are the worst of the worst, have snatched all the PRI, PAN and PRD feces and it is becoming a brown virus that really destroys the earth.

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