Tuesday , May 18 2021

UDI wants to reform INDH to "defend the HR" of the Armed Forces

A UDI representative group will submit proposals for the reform of the National Institute for Human Rights (INDH) to "look after" the "fundamental rights" of the uniformed.

Parliamentarians presented a text under the title "Human Rights Defense in Armed Forces and Ranks of Security and Gendarmerie", and hope they will become a law to create a uniform protection office, released this Sunday Mercury.

The text states that "one of the major controversies in the area of ​​human rights is related to this issue." the balance of police function and respect for human rights, taking into account the nature of this function and the complex scenarios in which police officers are exposed on a daily basis.

In that sense, Deputy Javier Macaya He claimed that he was "a bully" Araucanía or Anarchic sectors who agree to incur damage to the police also violate human rights our police institutions. "

Deputy Álvaro Carter In the morning he emphasized that "an organization that cares about the human rights of our armed forces and the order of obligations." Human rights are not the heritage of the left. but human beings regardless of his condition. sex. years or race. "

The role of INDH

The text to be presented by parliamentarians UDI states that "the role that. T INDH as the defensive body of the company is null and void".

"Since its major interventions are related to the demonstration of protection in favor of minorities or other groups, but never." to declare the violence suffered by our uniform"he accused the document.

This idea also seeks to take legal action "before any act that constitutes a breach of fundamental warranties"Police or Armed Forces."

It should be noted that human rights are universal safeguards that protect citizens from actions that affect their fundamental freedoms and human dignity, carried out by state bodies such as Chilean Carabineros, Armed Forces and Gendarmerie.

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