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Undertaker will join Roman Reigns at Extreme Rules!

The most unexpected news was revealed during the last broadcast of RAW on Monday night. Not for less, because no one expected the Undertaker to appear in the program, and less to defend Roman Reigns than Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre.

It all started when McMahon tried to attack the Reigns with the coast shore and this was due to the darkening that was anticipated by the arrival of a tomb, which he received from the imagined millionaire with Chokeslam.

But the lawsuit was not there, the defendant attacked the Scottish psychopath. And he allowed both of the villains to know that they would have to deal with him if they wanted to continue to bother Reigns.

Neither short nor lazy, WWE confirmed that in the extreme rules Roman Reigns would join Undertaker face two McIntyre and McMahon.

"This is happening. Undertaker will join Romeo Reigns to meet Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre in Extreme Rules »

This is the first fight of couples that Undertaker will have in PPV since confronting Luke Harper and Bray Wyatt with his brother Kane, returning to 2015 (the fight against Crown Jewell vs. DX … let's say it's not a canon). It is interesting that he was his pair Reigns, both of which had a rough rivalry at WrestleMania 33, which ended the main event with the prevailing Reigns.

WWE looks for a formula for not repeating a sales failure that represents Stomping Grounds (according to Dave Meltzer, 4000 tickets have not been bought any more), and returns to resort to his work to boost interest for fans. From there to work it's another thing. It is true that immediate euphoria was created, and we will have to wait the next few days to know how much the presence of the legend will affect the sale of tickets.

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