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Video: Goldfish power leaves Fortnite fans speechless –

If you are a regular player Fortnite You may already know the goldfish we will talk about in this news. It was recently shot in a video, which has sparked a major revolution among fans.

According to what is being shared, the players it can be made with this golden peace and take advantage of it, This is something fans did not expect because, although it was filtered by fish-related performance, it was never confirmed that the fish was already in play.

However, it is clear that he is already present in the battle royale and his presence has not gone unnoticed. It's connected to the new fishing mechanics from Chapter 2 and, as we saw in Reddit's BlakeBenbow user video, it seems very powerful. In fact can destroy a player with one hit even with health and shield to the max.

We leave you a video:

A mythical goldfish eliminated me! I thought it wasn't in the game yet! by FortNiteBR

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