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Vitamin D can reduce the risk of dying of type 2 diabetes

Publicado 30/01/2019 18:15:20CET


An estudio realized in Brasil, y published in the magazine 'Menopause', it has suggested that vitamin D promotes a promoter sensitized to insulin, which reduces the level of glucose and the riesgo de desarrollar type 2 diabetes.

En esta investigación transversal, en la que han participado 680 mujeres brasileñas de entre 35 y 74 años, el objetivo has evaluated the posible association between the deficiency of vitamin D and the increase of glucemia.

But las mujeres entrevistadas, el 3,5 por ciento habían tomado suplementos de Vitamin D, so that, in the light of solar exposition, this vitamin D deficiency can be associated with a high level of glucose uptake.

"However, if it does not demonstrate a causal relationship, vitamin D deficiency is a major cause of diabetes mellitus type 2. Suplementación with vitamin D can be used to control and control the azucar en la sangre, but it is not necessary to intervene, "said the expert.

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