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Volkswagen and the mayor fabricate of the cars of the world

Apenas 70,000 vehículos. Esa es la diferencia que este año le letido to Volkswagen repetir a ejercicio other como mayor fabricante de coches del mundo. The automotive engine group of the country has 10.83 millones of unidades, surpassing, however, only at the Alianza Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi (1.4%), which is 10.76 millones de automóviles. I'm tercer, this is the Japanese Toyota, which is 2%, with a total of 10.59 millones of unidades matriculadas. At the retention of the reten to the world leader in the 2016 world championships, Volkswagen and the rise of de tres, a 0.9% other respect to 2017.

This is a matter of concern for the complicity of the sector, with the WLTP enthusiasm and the debacle of Diésel in Europe; the golden war and the volatilidad de algunos mercados. "I do not know how much of año las cosas do fueron fáciles para nosotros. [Este récord] Fue posible gracias to a combination of productis sobresalientes and to the high level of confidence deposited by young customers, "said Christian Dahlheim, a spokeswoman for Volkswagen.

The brand is the other creations of the group alemán es Seat, which increases sus matriculaciones a 10.5% relative to 2017, hasta las 517.600 unidades. The Volkswagen brand was a leading importer with a 0.2% sub-alloy, having 6,24 millones de coches. On the truck segment (with MAN and Scania) there are permissions followed by the Nissan and Renault dealers (which are not venden este tipo de automóviles). It is only if you are thinking of los turismos and las vegas, the Alianza lideraría el mercado mundial.

Nissan, on the other hand, bajo susits ​​a 2.8% with 5.65 millones de autos, but if it compensates for the subida of 3.2% that Renault experiment (3.88 millones de unidades), y la de Mitsubishi, which is 18.3%, has lost 1.21 millones of automotive vans.

The mayor caída

Fueling the podium if General Motors came up with the lugar. The ESA has a 4.91% relative to the año anterior, with 7.94 millones of unidades (JATO holds a total of 53 mercados, 85% of the total volumes ).

The fifth car is running Hyundai and Kia, which is 3.2%, with 6.8 millones de autos vendidos.

I'm not a part of Ford. El norge American giant protagonizes the mayor caída of the top 10 de fabricantes. The company grew 5.49 millones in 2018, followed by JATO, which is a desplome of 10.4%. The matrices that are to be sold in Europe, a mercado en el que le está yendo mal, y para ello anunció a principios de mes que reducirà on plantilla en las factorías que tiene en el Viejo Continente.


The giant Estadounidense General Motors sells the Opel brand to PSA in 2017, which is why the French compañía, which is posing for Peugeot ya Citroën, has given rise to the other crecians and año pasado entre los diez principales fabricantes, with 3.9 millones de coches.

The signing of the Alemana if incorporating into the results of the PSA in August 2017, but in the evening, and in the first place, the entero of Opel in the French compañía. In total, the signing of a matriculus of 1,038,057 coches, which represents 26.7% of the comercializaciones of the group france. As opposed to Opel, a 12% increase in the number of cars.

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