Sunday , May 16 2021

VTR users threatened the company with a lawsuit for bulk actions by removing TV channels

"These are the small bad times that are accumulating," said the attorney representing them.

The Chilean telecommunications company VTR has been running several controversies with the company after they realized that several channels had been changed from the official network. There are even class action threats (via Cooperativa).

By the beginning of 2019, business users noted that they had stopped broadcasting six AMC Networks International Latin America channels in their TV guides: AMC, El Gourmet, Europa Europa, Film & Arts, Más Chic and Sundance TV. The followers showed great anger.

According to the portal, users were invited to leave the company massively because they did not notify the changes in advance.

Several of them organized social networks and even had a lawyer named Juan Ignacio Véjar with whom they could collectively sue the company. This is what a lawyer handed over to the same media:

"The channel replacement, although it may be of the same content, is not of a similar quality. There is a consumer who is constantly hit by unilateral decisions and they are a bit of a bad time, and I think we all agree that VTR can not do what it wants with its customers."

On the other hand, Ricardo Guerra, VTR's Content and Advertising Manager, said that cultural content is now on the platform of the company on demand and users have consumed new content in the cable service.

"In the early morning hours of 2019, the number of people entering our VOD (video on demand) platforms has increased, and also the time the users spent watching new programs.

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