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What is gluteal amnesia syndrome and how to avoid it

It is no secret that long sitting is not good for your body.

Investigations linked it to the disease heart, obesity, diabetes, and even cancer.

But sitting around is the other day health risk that most people do not know: gluteal amnesia or a dead back syndrome.

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It almost sounds like a joke, but it's not so unusual, says Andrew Bang, a chiropractor at the Cleveland Clinic's Wellness Institute. "I see this injury all the time in varying degrees."

The dead dead tissue develops when the gluteus medius – one of the three major muscles in that part of the body – it stops working properly.

This can happen if you spend too much time placed in a chair, explains Kristen Schuyten, a physiotherapist at the Medical Center in Michigan.

"But this can also happen in very active individuals who they simply do not work gluteal muscles That's enough, "he added.

Because the gluteus medius normally helps stabilize the pelvis, gluteal amnesia it can cause pain in the lower back and hipas well as problems in the knee and ankle, because the body is trying to compensate for the imbalance.

How to know if you have it?

One of the ways physicians discover the dead ass is a test Trendelenburg, a physical examination where a person raises a leg in front of him while standing.

"If the bowl drops to the side of the body where the leg is raised, it indicates the weakness of the gluteal environment on the other side," Bang explained.

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Curvature of the back may also indicate a gluteal amnesia. While a lumbar spine (or lower back) should form an S-shape, an extreme curvature can mean that hip flexors so tense they send the spine forwardBang said.

How to avoid this syndrome?

Try to rest from your chair frequently during the day. Get up and walk, or do something on your desk.

Schuyten recommends put the alarm on the phoneevery hour, so that you have bent your back muscles at regular intervals.

And when you practice, do not forget to do that area.

First of all, the best way to avoid gluteal amnesia is combine the daily routine, says Bang. Sit on the exercise ball for a part of the day. Spend some time working on a raised desk.

"Whatever you do, just do not allow your body to come to a repeating cycle," she suggested.

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