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What is the best way to get a person who is sitting for startup?

The fastest way a person sitting on the move is to inform them of the specific dangers that inactivity requires for health, suggests a recent report.

The study explored 615 Australian adults aged 18 to 77 on their physical activity, in addition to their knowledge of the benefits of exercise and the dangers of inactivity.

Although 99.6% of respondents strongly agreed that physical activity had health benefits, most did not know what all the diseases were associated with inactivity.

"Most people know that physical activity is good for health, few people know the specific benefits of physical activity for health, and perhaps this is specific knowledge that positively influences the behavior of physical activity." said Stephanie Schoeppe, head of study at University of Central Queensland, Australia, according to HealthDay News.

On average, the respondents correctly identified about 14 out of 22 diseases associated with lack of physical activity. But nearly 56 percent did not know how much physical activity was needed for health, and 80 percent did not know the prospects for developing the disease due to inactivity.

The study appears in the online edition of the PLoS One Magazine on November 28.

Researchers have also found a significant association between knowledge of a disease associated with inactivity and physical activity of a person. "The more you know about these issues, the greater the physical activity you are likely to do," they concluded in a journal release.

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