Sunday , May 16 2021

When does the winter schedule end in Chile?

On April 6, residents of the entire national territory, with the exception of Chilean Antarctica and the Magallanes region, they started their winter schedule for one hour with all their watches.

Changing time always causes rejection in some parts of the population for a variety of reasons, either at dawn, disturbances that can be created in sleep and mood, as well as changes in electronic devices.

That is why some people are counting the days soon to finish this time zone, which will last five months this year, runs until Saturday, September 7th When is the time to move the clock forward for 60 minutes.

At this point, if you still have a doubt about the new schedule, you do not know the exact time and the time changes make you confusing, hydrographic service of the Navy (SHOA) You've enabled Web pages where you can check the official weather in the country in all its zones.

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