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You can eat bars or soups to replace meals: it works

Feel good about yourself, live healthier and lose weight they are very common purposes that are presented to us throughout our lives. It is a slow and often difficult and unsteady process in which you must apply all your power of will to stay firm and Do not give up with fats, sugars or carbohydrates. There are many types. Some focus on quantity (even lead to period of suspected profits) and others on quality (replace some unhealthy food with healthier people.

And there are substitute children, which consist of replacing some food soups, cherries or bars, which became very popular in the 1970s because of space travel, when the public became obsessed with the idea that nutritionally complete meal concentrate was concentrated in a single drink or bar with energy. There are many myths related to this type of food regime. Nerys M. Astbury, a researcher at Nutrition and Obesity at the prestigious Oxford University, suggested refusing them and publishing an interesting article in the Conversation, citing several reasons.

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Not working?

The latest study by Atsbury's team concludes that this type of diet is indeed valid. From a list of 23 clinical trialsResearchers compared weight loss to people who followed a replacement child with those who did not. Although weight loss in each group was low, people who went through food substitutes lost much more during the year than those who established a different type of diet., On average they fell by 1.4 kg less.

Using alternative diets did not cause much more serious side effects than other weight loss programs

This type of study was conducted with the support of a dietician or a healthcare professional. Similarly, those who replaced their meals with substitutions lost 2.2 pounds more than the ones that followed other alternative plans.

Is this a quick solution?

"These longer studies have shown that people who have opted for a program that included nutritious substitutions for traditional food weighed less up to four years after launching the program ", says Atsbury. Therefore, if you expect to automatically reduce weight based on these plans, do not despair or distrust: the change will take until it arrives.

Are they insecure?

Many people believe that a diet that limits the intake "real food" They can cause headaches, insomnia, fatigue, constipation or diarrhea. But this is not a special effect of these diets, but the usual side effects associated with any other food plan, not just a substitute. "In our last review, the conclusion we have made is that using meal replacement to lose weight has not caused any more serious unwanted effects than other weight loss programs," concludes the researcher.

"I feel very hungry"

Food replacement products are made to be rich in protein and fiberthe key ingredients whose research has shown are saturated. "Although it seems that the parts are very small (and actually are), They fill you so you do not feel hungry and go find the high-calorie snacks between meals, "says Atsbury.

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Are they recurring?

When we talk about this type of substitute diet, everyone thinks of a typical magical drink that always has the same taste, or rather, anything we do not like. But after a few years refining the recipe, this belief has been pretty outdated. "Today you can choose from a wide range of products, which include traditional aromatized smoothies for all tastes (including those of vanilla, tea and menta), soups, bars even some packaged foods, which means that your diet will not be boring or boring at all.

"I'm slim, but not healthy"

Scientific review shows that many diseases such as type 2 diabetes may improve in people who use this type of diet, unlike other types of plans whose goal is weight loss. "If you're thinking about weight loss," Atsbury says, "Evidence suggests that a substitute diet may be the option you are looking for."

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