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Young people deceived the supermarket and bought the PS4 for just 7,000 pcs of company

Buying a Playstation 4 is undoubtedly the dream of many. It is clear that it is necessary to pay off a high sum of money, which can reach up to 300,000 pounds. However, the young man managed to get a console for only 7,000 pcs.

This happened in Montbéliard, France, where several stores and supermarkets already have self-service boxes, where the buyer registers their products, to pay them later, without the need for the seller to serve them. In fact, there are already several places in Chile that have this system.

As reported by BioBioChile, Adel, a 19 year old boy, has drafted a nearly perfect plan to circumvent trade safety.

This boy went to the supermarket and went straight to Playstation 4. Far from paying for it, he went to the fruit sector, where as if it was an orange mesh, tossed the product, and punched the sticker code stick. What did the tag say? 9.29 euros, or about 7 thousand pounds.

Then he went to the sector and paid the PS4 without any problems. In fact, even the guards did not notice what the young man did. Eventually he got out of the store with a new console and at an incredible price.

Of course, the story has not ended. As the temptation was stronger, Adel returned to the supermarket the next day to continue buying "fruit". Unfortunately, the police waited for him, so he was arrested.

He explained to the authorities how he designed his PS4 buyout plan, which he managed to sell for 100 euros (76,000 pounds). As for his return to the place, he had to get a second console to pay a ticket to Nice, the city he was staying in.

Eventually, everything was bad for Adela. Today he is facing charges of robbery, sentenced to four months in jail in a penal facility, five years of inadequacy, a ban on re-entering the supermarket chain was added.

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