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谌 龙 石宇奇 in four semifinals Fuzhou Opena 谌 龙 将 战 田田 贤 斗 |安东森 |谌 龙 |石宇奇 _ 新浪 新闻

Original title: 谌 龙 石宇奇 闯 in the fourth round of the Fuzhou Open semi-finals 谌 龙 将 战 田田 贤 斗

China News Service, Fuzhou, Nov. 9 (Yan Xu) The 2018 China (Fuzhou) Badminton Open entered the quarterfinals at 9th. Both 2nd seed men Shi Yuqi and 6th seed Xiaolong both defeated their opponents. In the semifinals, Dragon will compete with Japan's number one player in the world, Tao Tian Xiandou.

On the same day, Xiaolong faced a Danish player Antonius and defeated his opponent in two straight matches at 21:18 and 21:16.

The 21-year-old Antonson is the star of the Danish badminton, and after the game, Xiaolong praised his opponent for "very fast progress". Xiaolong said that Antonson was very active in this game and in the second game he was still trying to score points and try to create pressure for him.

In the male single semifinals of French Badminton Open last month, Xiaolong also played against Taotian Xiandou, and finally moved to Taoyuan at 2: 0. For the Fuzhou Open Opener tomorrow (10th) Xiaolong said: "The game will be different or think how to prepare. "

On the same day, Shi Yuqi played against the Indonesian Jin Ting. In the case of losing one game at 16:21, he achieved two sets of two 21:14 games. In the semifinals, Shi Yuqi was the opponent of Zhou Tiancheng, the famous Chinese Taipei.

He Bingjiao and Chen Yufei also singled out their opponents in the quarterfinals to join the semi-finals.

He won Bingjiao 3rd place and Indian player Sindeh 2: 1 the same day. In the semifinals he is the opponent of He Bingiu's Japanese Okuhara hopes. "I still did not get it." Bingjiao said that Aoyuan hopes to have enough patience in playing. I hope that this time I can summarize my experience and treat me patiently and confirm my growth.

Chen Yufei also struggled hard in three matches and ultimately defeated Ratchano from Thailand. In the semi-finals, her opponent will be the Spanish star Ma Lin.

With regard to male pairs, Liu Cheng / Zhang Nan, He Jizhen / Tan Qiang joined the semifinals. The mixed doubles and the four strong Chinese players had three places, namely Jizhen / Du Fu, Zheng Xin / Huang Yaqiong, Wang Yilu / Huang Dongping, in the semi-finals, He Jizhen / Du Fu and Zheng Yiu / Huang Yaqiong war "Compete for the final map. (End 0

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