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30. Golden Melody Awards All Winners Lin Yilian Once Closed – Shangbao Indonesia

June 30, 2019 at 20:48 hours


The winner of the annual Jolin Tsai album

The 30th Golden Globe Award for Pop Music was held on June 29 in Taipei, hosted by Lulu Huang Luzhen
Keep people. The list of 30 winners has been published in full. After the song, the award for Best Chinese Singer was won by Lin Yilian.
This is the second time that he won the golden song, did not go to the scene, agent Chen Zhenchuan on behalf of the award. optimal
The Chinese men's singer won King Leo, Jolin Tsai won the album of the year, and the best Chinese awards were won by Sun Shengxi.
Gets. A special thing this year is the best Orchestra of the Year of the Shining Orchestra under the guidance of the current legislator Freddy Lin Weizu.
The award is also the first legislator in Taiwan's history to receive the Golden Melody award.
This year's Best Orchestral Award was declared by the president of the jury Chen Shanni as the heaviest prize, and the debate on the shortlist was not
He was often fierce, and eventually awarded the Shining Orchestra Award for years.
The award-winning guests were Mayday, Xiao Jingteng, Eason Chan, Karen Mok, Jerry Yan, S.H.E, Ai Yiliang, Dai
Penny, Xu Jiaying, A-Lin, Jury President, Chen Shanni, Lu Guangzhong, Wang Caihua, Xin, Ren Jiang, Xu Yuxi,
Luo Wenyu, Ji Xiaojun, Matzka, etc.

Full list of 30 Golden Prizes Pop Music is as follows:
Album of the Year: "Ružna ljepota" (singer: Jolin Tsai)
Best Annual Song: Jolin Tsai, "The Rose Boy"
Best Chinese Album: "Hidden Travels" (singer: Sun Shengxi)
Best Chinese Singer: Leo Wang, "No Illness, No Love"
Best Chinese Singer: Lin Yilian "0"
Best Producer: Wang Shuangjun "L.O.V.E." (singer: Eason Chan)
Best Single Producer: Yu Jialun, Huang Xuan, "No Lights Club BKD CLUB"
Best Song Album: Lin Yilian "0"
Best songwriter: Li Zongsheng, "Newly-written old songs"
Award for Best Composer: Ai Yiliang, "Forever Young"
Best Organizer: Zun Room Ann, "Far Away From Styx"
Best Orchestra: Great
Best Singing Group: Presiding Orchestra
Best novice: OZI
Award for Best Music Video: Slow "CASSA NEW Half-President Prince"
Award for Best Frame Design: Huang Jiaxian, Yang Fengming, "Keep That Tiger"
Jury Prize: Wang Ruolin

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