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Analysis recommends not to rush into buying an iPhone 11 Cycle Extension – Apple iPhone

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Series 11 products are on the market and their configured camera and battery life boasts, but whether or not a product worthy of consumer purchase has become a hot topic in the industry. Initial comments posted earlier this week suggest it is a complex issue.However, many analysts believe that consumers should not rush to buy because the previous generation iPhone is good enough, consumers are advised to wait another year, saving next year money to move to 5G or a more functional upgrade.


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Some commentators consider this year's new iPhone series to offer significant improvements over the iPhone 6 series released in 2014, but these improvements may be too gradual to prove that there are good reasons to upgrade. Brian X. Chen of the New York Times said the new phone highlights the length of the previous cellphone update cycle – a new phone every two years – that is no longer applicable after the release of the iPhone 11.

"If you use a mobile phone that has been in use for at least five years, you will definitely change it," he wrote. "The iPhone 11 has improved significantly in every aspect since the iPhone unveiled in 2014. But for those hands, Smartphones are everyone else who buys in 2015 or later and are in no hurry to buy because the smartphones they use are good enough."

Apple's three new smartphones, the iPhone11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, start at $ 699, $ 999 and $ 1.99, respectively.

For those currently using the Apple iPhone X, Wall Street Journal columnist Joanna Stern said: "The phone you use has the most stylish design, but lags behind in battery life, face ID and camera functionality. Some. However, if you change your new phone now , you may miss even bigger upgrades, such as 5G, which is expected next year. "

Stern suggested, "If you can stand it," hold the phone you are currently using for another year or choose the iPhone 11 base model. The iPhone 11 doesn't have an OLED screen and doesn't have a remote camera configured with the iPhone X. But users are now choosing the iPhone 11 to save some money on buying a 5G phone next year.

However, new features of the Apple iPhone 11 series have positively tested users. "The iPhone 11 Pro's camera has made great progress compared to the iPhone XS. If you compare it horizontally, they are better than Google's Pixel and Samsung Electronics's Galaxy Note 10 Plus." Nilai Papa's US media editor Nilay Patel wrote: "I think the iPhone 11 Pro comes with the best smartphone camera on the market."

In addition, Patel praised the iPhone 11 Pro speakers, saying it was "very loud and sounds better than ever."

Apple's three new products launched this year are equipped with ultra-wide-angle cameras, Matthew Panzarino, editor of the well-known tech blog TechCrunch, expressed his gratitude. "My tests on the ultra-wide-angle camera have found it works very well, especially in bright conditions," wrote Panzarino, who is able to take close-up family portraits and the wide-angle shot is vibrant, this being the first IPhone to ever be shaved.

Wall Street Journal columnist Joanna Stern seems to be particularly pleased with Apple's lifespan of these three new phones this year. Stern writes that discussions about upgrading cameras, glass and colors, "mostly just deceptive marketing behavior," are really just battery upgrades.

The iPhone 11 series promises "The same thing many of us have always wanted is: a heavier and thicker phone – works when we need it." Stern said, "Yes, the battery has a longer life."

Apple's three devices were booked late last week and are officially on sale this Friday.

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