Thursday , November 21 2019
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Apple abolished Facebook's Enterprise Developer certificate

Before that, Facebook relied on the Research app to pay for users in exchange for personal use data, which caused numerous controversies. Recently, Apple, who was particularly concerned about privacy, pressured Facebook. Later, FB took a program for enterprise development programs (allowing internal downloads of test applications that can not be found in the App Store) as a shield, but the iOS version of the research did not escape the fate of exclusion. However, the development of the plot is not intended as the birth of variables. Earlier, Apple confirmed Recode that it abolished Facebook's certification for enterprise developers because it violated a developer program contract for companies and distributed applications to non-FB employees outside the official trade.

After the certificate was revoked, Facebook was actually much more affected than many people expected, and the key thing is that they have many internal tools that can not be used at one time. The Verge has learned from its informants that development versions of basic Facebook applications such as Messenger and Instagram are not working now. Even iOS applications such as la carte and commute used within the FB become unusable.

In fact, while at the same time with the online iOS version of the research, Facebook claimed that its own software clearly expressed its purpose when it was attractive, and that participants who claimed that "less than 5%" teenagers were granted parental leave. But in the case of using the certificates of development engineers to spread research outside of Facebook, they never had a reason to get up. In any case, Apple and Facebook are nervous about privacy, and in the short term it will be difficult to improve.

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