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After many years, when people talked about the second round match between Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League season 2018/19, the name Dehea would definitely appear. Manchester United managed to win 1-0 on the road.

Manchester United's Degea (left) runner-up had 11 savings in the match against Tottenham, and all the savings came in the second half, creating a Premier League record. (AFP photos)

(London, 14th) After many years, when people talked about the second round match between Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League season 2018/19, the name Dehea would definitely appear. He made 11 savings, helping Manchester United to win 1: 0 on the road.

After this round, Manchester United is in second place with 22 points, tied his points with the old five Arsenal, currently only 6 points behind the old four Chelsea.

Tottenham has lost 2 losses in the last three rounds, and Liverpool, which is currently at the top of the ladder, has scored 9 points.

Although the Goddess sent assistance, he achieved 4 goals and 4 assists in five leagues since Solskjaer took office, and Rushford achieved the only goal in the game, for the first time in his career three consecutive throat leagues, but De Gea took all the attention. The world after the game praised Degeu, its performance is incredible and shows that it is the best goalkeeper in today's football.

How many gods has Degea? The entire Tottenham game has a total of 21 shots and 11 kicks, all of which hit the second half, all ready for De Ge! If Dehee is 11th, Manchester United may not be able to win a winning series of five league games and six consecutive wins on each front, failing to win the first win of the first six teams this season.

Tottenham's 18th martial art can not help

In the second half, De Gea made it possible to make a record in the Premier League, and his most successful career savings were 14 times Manchester United 3: 3 over Arsenal last season but failed at that time. Get zero. So, the eleven savings in this campaign plus no receive goals is the best record in his career, and among them, his 3 savings in 4 minutes make people look stunned and he needs to use their legs to block. The goal was incredible, and he reacted very quickly.

To break the Dragon Gate that guarded De Ge, Tottenham made 18 swords, team work, single-shot, positioning, header and long-range strikes, and the team almost scratched the shots and shot, with Kane's footage. Zheng, Ali 3 times, Sun Xingyu, Eriksson and Llorente each time, and even Toby's defender has one but failed to break Deanie's ten fingers.

After the match, Manchester United and De Gea hugged to thank his divine level to help the 3-point team, while Lukak, Mata, Matić, Lukeshaw, Lindov and Herre. La et al. They welcomed Degeu on social networks.

Degea: This is a real team of Manchester United.

After the media after the game asked De Gea to think of the best of them, he could not pick it up. He said: "No (I can not choose the best), I do not even remember some, so I was not happy about the quarrel, the first two rescue were very important, it was a great game, it was very special 3 points at the stadium Wembley.

His Shuai: De Gea is the real name

"The new coach brings a lot of luck to the team, and the players are now well behind, and the team is very strong, this is a real team of Manchester United."

His Shuai was full of praise when he talked about Dehyin's performance after the game: "I also worked with many outstanding goalkeepers in Manchester United, Manchester United has always produced excellent goalkeepers, Dehya has been improving for many years and he has become Best Player in the Game deserved. "

"Even so, I think that besides the two magic rescue, and other rescue is just his routine operation, he can usually do it. So I think the zero stamp is the result of team effort."

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