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Fan Zhendong Zhu Yuling "Self-sustaining"

Yangcheng Večernje vijesti Wei Chaoran

Yesterday, at the table tennis Asian Cup Men's Singles Finals held in Yokohama, Japan, the famous Guangzhou-based Fan Zhendong turnaround Grand Slam winner Malone in three team games, successfully defending, Zhu Yuling in the women's singles finals 4 to 2 beat Chen Meng teammate, has three unprecedented championships, becoming the first person in the history of the Asian Cup.

Fan Zhendonga and Zhu Yuling's self-portraits after the game were ridiculed and were the same as last year's championships and could not be seen in the past year. In fact, after one year, the mentality of two people is very different.

At this time last year, Fan Zhendong came to the top of the world, and the final opponent at that time was Lin Gaoyuan. In power and experience, Fan Zhendong is bigger, but Lin Gaoyuan defeated Fan Zhendong in the Asian Cup last year. "Little Fat" broke up and the result was 4: 0 in the final.

This year, Fan Zhendong's difficulty in winning the championships is again much bigger. Japanese teenager Zhang Benzhi and his rapid growth have become the first "level" of Fan Zhendong's turn to defend. Fan Zhendong obviously made full preparation for the difficulties and eventually won 4-1. After that, Fan Zhendong met with Malone's biggest "lumpy lord" – at a record level, the only win in China Open in 2016, but Malone who returned from the Riou Olympic Games was not in the best condition, last time play. Last year's China Open, Malone won 4-1. Since then, Malone has long been out of the game for injury, and the two do not have phone calls. Although Fan Zhendong is currently the world's number one men's singles, he is still the second single in the men's team after being in the national table tennis team. To succeed in succession and become the first person to be the "real name", Fan Zhendong must beat Malone on an international scene, and that is all the better.

Fan Zhendong fell into the rhythm of his opponent in the first three games and could not find his feelings. Fortunately, Fan Zhendong, who experienced the period of the lowest, is now more stable. In the last three games he played his own level and finally broke the "window paper" that was trying to win Malone. "It is very difficult to fight with Malone. It can be won today and it is a great affirmation for you."

For Fan Zhendong, the defense is self-explanation, especially for Zhu Yuling. One year ago, it was the absolute mainstream of Guoping, but missed the World Table Tennis Championships. The Asian Cup is a chance to prove it, and if it succeeds in defending, it will hope that next year will participate in the Tokyo Olympics, and if it is depressed again, it will probably miss the Olympics.

So Zhu Yuling was very "tough" in the women's singles final. In the face of Zhu Yuling, who is more prosperous, Chen Meng, who won straight through the championship, has no way.

Zhu Yuling has caught a "life-saving straw", and Guoping might have added a "lucky problem".

Yangcheng evening news reporter Wei Chaoran

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