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Fixing December 14 – Tianshui Evening News – Hanfeng Net

2018-12-01 00:03:14 Source: Tianshui Evening News

"The mystery of the net"
Rotten Tomato Freshness 93%, Douban score 8.5, this Hollywood high profile suspense movie "Network Mystery", has not been released in the country, has broken the net. With the announcement of announcements and posters on November 28, this annual holiday masterpiece is officially scheduled for December 14th.
After the premiere of the Sundance Film Festival, the film won two awards, the "Next Generation Audience Award" and "Alfred Sloan Feature Film", which became the center of the movie festival. A credible film critic of the "song list" rated it "comparable to Hitchcock," and the Rolling Stone magazine praised its "divine skills." Then the "Mystery Network" will be released from abroad to the ground, and the freshness of spoiled tomatoes is still 93% and Douban's score 8.5.
The film uses a unique lens design – a "desktop desktop" to expand the whole story, and the whole movie 102 minutes, from the beginning to the end, is screened through the camera of an electronic product. Since the main protagonist manages social software, video calls, browsers, search engines, translation software, etc. The audience also keeps space on the Internet.

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