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Foreign media MSPoweruser has recently selected the 2018 best ranking game they have edited, and due to the great work of 2018, the three major console platforms and PCs have many great works. The choice of foreign media does not have the final match of the year, but each of the prizes selects two outstanding representative games, and the participating games include the main platforms.


Editor-in-Chief Connor Makar (@neato_makar)

MSP Fight Game Year

"Special edition of Nintendo Star Fighting" (NS)

Dragon Ball Fighter Z (Xbox One / PS4 / PC / NS)

In the choice of fighting games, both games are very good, and both games are very complete in terms of development. Both games are exceptionally good in the battlefield perspective, but the huge amount of content played by the big chaos is more fun, and with the unsatisfactory quality of cyber war, overall chaos is a little better. In addition, "Dragon Ball Warrior Z" is a smooth hitting feeling and original restoration of original animation are perfect.

MSPs are the best replay game of the year

"Little Dragon Pony: Re-Trilogy" (Xbox One / PS4)

Remake "Wanda and Colossus" (PS4)

Activision's Little Dragon Sparrow: Rekindling Trilogy is one of the best masterpieces this year not only reproduces the essence of the original PS game but also adds impressive improvements to the game, a perfect picture. Reset makes the game look like a dream.

Bluepoint's "Wanda and Colossus" revised version doubled the immense and majestic atmosphere of the giant PS2 original game, and the expression of this atmosphere resembles the narrative performance of the game.

MSP's best puzzle / strategic game of the year

Tetris Effect (PS4)

People from PC (PC)

"Tetris Effect" combines sound reproduction and Tetris, and re-excavates the long history of Tetris, not only the image is dazzling, the game is intense, and the soundtrack is remarkable.

"Pit Man" is a war chess game RPG in cartoon style that is rich in gameplay and award-winning gameplay and an extraordinary strategy game for centuries.

MSP The best party game of the year

"Special edition of Nintendo Star Fighting" (NS)

"Japan Marathon" (Xbox One / PS4 / PC)

The new chaos has more than 72 fighters, 100 degrees, enough crowds, and even eight people in chaos. What can still increase (destroy) feelings of a friend rather than playing in the living room?

"The Japanese Marathon" wins with its madness and uniqueness, and its unique way of playing and a strange style are unstoppable.

The best open game of the MSA of the year

Wildlife: Redemption 2 (Xbox One / PS4)

Spiderman (PS4)

R Star Sincerely Offers "Wildlife: Redeemer 2: The Great Western Open World is a stunning, informative and remarkable visual experience.

"Spider-Man" PS4's new work, though not as good as propaganda, but created by New York, which is free to climb, Insomniac Games also added recording elements.

Play MSP Year of the Year Description of event

"God of War" is the easiest resonant figure in the eyes of foreign media, and Kratos has become a wild and hearty old-fashioned father from the Spartan War of the past. The addition of Atree makes the feelings of father and son pass through a stimulating battle, and the visual narrative expression techniques eventually reinforces the shock of the game.

Insomniac's "Spider-Man" broke the well-known rigid and unpredictable script and restarted the story of Peter Parker and the new perspective persecutors.

MSP Best racing game of the year

Extreme races: Horizon 4 (XBox One / Windows 10)

Onrush (Xbox One / PS4 / PC)

"Extreme Racing: Horizon 4" is a perfect racing game, whether it's a wide open scene, a beautiful four-seater landscape, or a super-race race, "Fortune Racing: Horizon 4". A new Horizon series and racing game.

"Onrush" is an alternative racing game that combines a fighting combat game. Each car has different positioning and capability attributes and can free up great moves. Very exciting and fun.

MSP The best fighting action game of the year

"Yakuza: 2 pole"

"People in the North"

MSPs are the best action game of the year of murder

Neil: Automatic Humanoid, God of War

MSP The Best Indie Game of the Year

The Death Stall, the Haunted Island: Detective Frog

The recommendation of "Haunted Island: Frog Detective" can refer to

MSP Beauty Editor ASH Award for the Most Popular Game – "Goddess of Different Records 5"

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