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Gua Shuai: 45 points halfway not only because Liverpool is better than the league

Gua Shuai: 45 points halfway, we do not do it because Liverpool is better.

At 22:15 on December 30, Beijing time, the 20th round of Premier League 2018-2019. The competition started, and the Blue Moon went to the St. Mary's against Southampton. In the end, with David Silva, Aguer's goal and Sterling Oolong, Manchester City won the saints in a visiting match and ended the defeat in two Premier League leagues. After the match, coach Blue Moon Guardiola also accepted an interview for the BBC.

"It is very important to be able to reverse the negative result after two consecutive defeats, and the players are doing a great job: if the team reaches 100 points in the league last season and then in the second half I have 45 points, I think that should not be bad.

"We were really good, but the other team was even better, and now they are one of the best teams in Europe." With Southampton, 1-1, our goal was to have had more goals, unfortunately they scored a goal and the game became more balanced , it is worth mentioning that we came and scored another goal. We made all the downs in the middle, but the opponent reached the goal when they first hit our half.

Asked if Debrauer could play in the Liverpool league, Guardiola said: "At that time, we need to look at the specific situation of the Belgians." Jing Duoan should be able to catch that battle in the focus, but Tintin needs it I will assess it next Thursday. three points, there are other things we need to pay attention, but victory is actually what we need urgent. "

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