Sunday , May 9 2021

Hebei Gaoyang first hospital LED display is offensive Chinese speech Suspects are trapped | LED display | Shame on China speech Gaoyang _ Sina News

Source: First Hebei Gaoyang hospital screen is offensive to Chinese speech Suspects are trapped

BEIJING, April 8 (Reporter Lu Zihao) In the 8th district of Gaoyang, Baoding City, Hebei Province, a case of shameful speech was published. At the moment, the suspect was caught by the police, and the case is being investigated further.

Panorama of County Gaoyang. Lu Zihao photo

According to the Gaoyang Public Security Bureau at 10 am on April 8, 2019, the Gaoyang County Emergency Displays Office appeared as offensive speech, and the county hospital immediately shut off the power of the LED display and alerted the police, and public security organs quickly intervened in the investigation , and the investigation time was 15 hours. The suspect Li Moumou (a man, 31, county in Gaoyang) was arrested and the case is further investigated.

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