Thursday , May 6 2021

Intel Core i7-9750H and GTX 1650 Performance Sourced: Twice Over i7-7700HQ – Intel Core Intel Core

The slide show featuring details and performance data for the upcoming Intel Core i7-9750H is on the web. It was confirmed that its efficiency increased by 28% compared to the previous generation 8750H processor.

This is the first slide that came to light:

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The first slide is probably the most exciting because it shows that Intel Corei7-9750H will be 28% faster than its predecessors.There is no doubt that this is an impressive jump. Not only will architectural enhancements bring the benefits of IPC, but the processor is expected to be built on a super-mature 14nm process that will enable Intelu to offer some incredible frequencies. It will become the beast of the mobile domain processor and will compete directly with the AMD 3750H.

On the other hand, if compared to Core i7-7700HQ, the new Core i7-9750H is almost twice as high as the performance (exactly 91%).

This is the second slide,It can be confirmed that the NVIDIA GTX 1650 4GB mobile GPU has a base frequency of 1395 MHz, which is 41% faster than the GTX 1050. This leak not only confirms the existence of the GTX 1650, but also knows that the GTX 1650 will use 4GB of video memory and performance faster than the GTX 1050. 41%, 24% faster than the GTX 1050 Ti.This is a pretty good upgrade for players and power consumption is likely to improve.

Although there is a frequency, but unfortunately, because there are no confirmed specifications, we will need to use voice specifications for performance computing: in the 1024 core core configuration, look for a superior computing power of 2.8+ TFLOP, which is enough at 1080P resolution. Turn on the high-quality smooth play of most AAA games.

The third slide also mentions the FPS for several popular games, such as GTA5, League of Legends, Jedi Survival, Assassin's Creed and Fortnite, although it does not mention the resolution but guesses it's 1080P. The GTX 1650 can achieve almost 60+ fps in almost all of these games, and even 4 of the 6 games can reach 90fps or more.

The last slide contains the name and exact model of the relevant notebook and various other specifications. The MSI GL63 will be equipped with 16GB RAM, 512GB NVME PCI-E SSD, GTX 1650 4GB discrete graphics and Intel Core i7-9750H. The display is a 1920 × 1080 IPS panel, and the whole machine weighs about 2 kg. There is also a version of Core i5-9300H.

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