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Jin Yong's death, the sales volume grew by 350 times compared to the chain | Jin Yong | reader | death _ Son's news

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Source: Jin Yong's death, sales volume has increased by 350 times

This newspaper (reporter Zhang Zhiyi), a well-known writer, Jin Yong, October 30, sparked the celebration of the Chinese world. Jingdong Big Data shows that from 19:00 on October 30, Jin Yong's works were sold until 20:00, and since May 29, it has grown more than 120 times. , Dangdang data show that the price of 650 yuan (the original price of 968 yuan) of 36 volumes "Jin Yong Complete Works (Langsheng old version)" began to increase orders at 19:00, at 31, the time of the previous day increased by 350 times. Currently, this series of books is missing and is in pre-sale status in Jingdong and Dangdangu.

Jingdong's big data show that after Yong's death news in the evening of October 30 at 19 o'clock, the search volume of Jingdong platform "Jin Yong" has risen more than 60 times reaching the peak of search at 21 o'clock. Dangdang data show that since October 30, Dangdang's "Jin Yong Complete Works" related the amount of words searched increased by 80 times, independent visitors increased 55 times compared to 30 days ago.

On Jingdong platform, the most popular singles of Jin Yong's works are "Dragons and Eight," "The Swordsman," "The Condor Heroes," and "The Legend of the Condor Heroes." The award of the purchase is "Dragon" and "Swordsman", "The Legend of the Condor Heroes", "Ding Ding Ji", "The Eternal Dragon Sword", "The Condor Heroes," "The Book of Swords enemies," "Snow Mountain Flying Fox, "Blood Sword", "Flying Fox", "Knights", "Liancheng" After the 90's, readers love "swords" and readers after 70 and 80 years love "Legend of the Condor Heroes". Older readers love "The Eternal Dragon Killer".

At Dangdang platform, readers love "triple version" of Jin Yong's work, although this version has been uninterrupted for more than ten years, it is still very much sought after. At the 30th, almost 10,000 readers in Dangdang's quest for the "three-way version" of Jin Yong's complete works; Most singles are "Condor heroes legend", "Tian Long Ba Bu", "Swordsman".

Beijing Youth Daily reporter found that from the time of print, such as "Jin Yong's work (Langsheng old version) (36 volumes)" "Jin Yong's work (Langsheng's new revision) (36 volumes) "(New collection of treasures) Jin Yong Works Set Set" and others in Jingdong are unable to off-stock to accept booking status. Dangdang, although there is "Langsheng new audit" for sale, but the old version of Langsheng should also be booked and deliberately marked the time From the three main books, only Amazon is available for sale.

Which areas of the reader have the deepest feelings for Jin Yong? According to Jingdong Big Data, readers in five provinces of Beijing, Guangdong, Shanghai, Jiangsu and Sichuan have the largest search volume in the Jindong platform. Hainan, Ningxia, Beijing, Tianjin, and Chongqing readers have the fastest growing search volume. Hainan's growth rate has exceeded 100 times, the order of readers of Jinyong in Beijing, Chongqing, Hubei, Jiangsu and Jilin provinces grew sharply within 24 hours.

Dangdang data shows that at Jin Yong's national city rankings, the top five are Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Hangzhou, and the top five are Guangdong, Shanghai, Beijing, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shandong.

Data from two platforms show that male readers of Jin Yong's works make up more than 60% of the total number, after more than 80% of readers are 70 to 80, has more new readers since the 1990s, and are the main readers of students, teachers and white workers; The above mentioned users accounted for more than 90%.

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The version of the novel by Jin Yong

Today, most of Jin Yong's novels are on the "Langsheng" market, because the copyright of Jin Yong's novel in mainland China is currently fully licensed by the Langsheng Book Company, and the "Langsheng Edition" is the abbreviation of the company.

Jin Yong's novel from 1955 to 1972 is called an old version, mostly serialized in newspapers and magazines, also called a "serial version". The most famous version is the serial version of Ming Pao, also known as the oldest version. As everyone knows, Ming Pao is a newspaper created by Jin Yong in 1959. In the same year the newspaper began to serialize "The Condor Heroes".

In March 1993 Sanlian Bookstore signed a contract with Jin Yong. In May 1994, a triple edition of "Jin Yong Collection" was officially launched – paper and pockets. In December 1996, the publisher House of Culture and Arts presented a commentary on "Jin Yong Wu Xia Complete Works".

The new revision relates to the version of the Guangzhou Publishing House. In 2001, Jin Yong handed over the exclusive license to Guangzhou Press.

Leader: Zhang Yiling

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