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Kaifeng real estate market new policy is now a "one-day excursion" experts say they should avoid coincidence – Database and SQL Blog Articles

On July 20, the Kaifenga Government's website provided a notice to announce that the Municipal Housing and Urban Construction Office canceled the relevant decision on adjusting the time limit for the transaction of newly purchased commercial housing units and abolishing the limitations for submitting a claim.

A decision was made on the content of the document "Cancellation of New Houses" issued by the Municipal Housing and Construction Office, which was exhibited by the media on July 19th.

The document "Cancellation of new houses" shows that, in order to harmonize real estate market regulation and increase market confidence, the research and decision of a 100-day regular meeting will now cancel the new commercial housing for 3 years from the date of the "Certificate of Protection". Time limit for trading, cancel the time limit for qualifying the canceled transaction transaction.

After the announcement was made, she was attracted to great attention. Xu Xiaole, the chief market analyst at Shell Research Institute, told media like Securities Daily that he should not be overly sensitive to politics. Kaifeng's announcement of limited sale decisions was made according to the characteristics of the local real estate market, which is the meaning of "one city, one policy". Urban differentiation, political isolation, and other cities like Kaifeng can adapt administrative policies in the future, but this does not mean that the entire market and policy will be oriented, if the local market is warmed, the policy will definitely be reduced.

However, I did not expect the Kaifeng real estate market to retract this policy immediately. As to the reasons for withdrawing the decision to abolish the "restriction on sales restrictions," the Kaifeng City Housing and Building Affairs Commission said this was because the decision to "adjust the deadline for the purchase of newly purchased commercial housing units and abolish the limitation of the application" was not conducted sufficient market research and argumentation. The effects of the market do not have a sufficient assessment and assessment. City Office for Housing and Construction Kaifeng will continue to strictly implement the policy of real estate market management, promote stable and healthy development of Kaifeng real estate market and seriously protect the interests of people.

In this regard, Zhongda Real Estate chief analyst Zhang Dawei told reporters that, in fact, it is not the first time that the local property management policy control and policy control "trip". Cities such as Wuhu and Hohhot experienced a 2014 "one-day tour" of loose real estate policy. By the end of 2018, Hengyang issued a notice of suspending the implementation of the border price, and later was forced to withdraw.

Zhang Dawei further said that regulation is not a child's play, and the introduction of real estate control policy should be cautious. Policy formulation should prejudice the effects of policies and avoid the implementation of "arbitrary policies". Stabilization is a trend of the real estate market, and relaxation and tenseness exist at the same time. This type of behavior of arbitrarily changing policies is not desirable.

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