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Lake S6: Drivers Meet Ice Hockey French Horse Racing Team Gru Edward Defends Champions | Lake Tournament_ 新浪 财经 _ 新浪

Original title: Lake Tournament S6: Drivers meet ice hockey French team for horse racing Gru Edwards defends champions

Hainan network Haibei July 20 news (Reporter Liu Zegeng) July 19, Qinghai Lake International Road Cycling Race (hereinafter referred to as "Lake Lake Race") conducted a tea card sixth stage competition on the bird islands.

The sixth stage is 136 kilometers long, with two sprint sprints and a special climbing platform at 3,017 meters above sea level. This is the highest climbing point in the current Lake Tour. For climbers, the gap between opponents and opponents will be open at this stage. The first two players on the climbing list before the match were Duarte from Gansu and Aguirre from the Japanese Intep team, who were just one point. And Aguirre was better at this stage, and Duarte first climbed up and won the shirt symbolizing the first climbing point. Aguirre: "Today there was wind and fog, but I overcome these difficulties and I hope to continue to strengthen the edge of climbing."

French equestrian team Sisvicus Evalda and Edward Crane have achieved two points on their way.

The game entered the last five kilometers, and players behind the big crowd tried to break through, but under the influence of the Qinghai Lake's side winds and sudden strike, collision with rocky crowds on the road during the outbreak, many players brutally crashed. Players in front of big groups continued to attack the last sprint. In the end, Gruff Edward of the French racing team won the first stage of this stage and won the green shirt that symbolizes the first place in individual sprint points. Crane Edward said, "Today's racing is downhill. In the last three hundred meters I hurried to the forehead of a big group under my colleagues. I'm going to keep the green shirt."

At the end of the sixth stage, the yellow shirt, which symbolizes the overall rating of an individual, is still owned by Edward Bertrand of the Medellin team in Colombia. Fedosev Atul Shenzhen Xidesheng Racing Team won a blue shirt symbolizing the best drivers in Asia.

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