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Original title: Liaoning will not play here? Guizhi are poisonous at home, and Guo Shiqiang really took them.

5 points lost, Liaoning male basketball team still can not catch the red house of the devil. Two teams had different difficulties this season, but Xinjiang's team has not lost the ball at home yet. The bomber between the two strong players has become the biggest point in this round, and it is worth pointing out that in the history of the two sides' side Xinjiang has a great advantage with 33 victories and 19 lost. Playing game against Xinjiang, Liaoning's team in the last decade I just won three times a year. It can not help but sigh, Xinjiang is not poisoned at home, why did Liaoning not play when he arrived here?

In this game, in the case of Zhao Jiwei and Liu Zhixuan for an indefinite period, Guo Ailun and Li Xiaox also suffered an injury. Liaoning team basically relied on the half time and Xinjiang team until the final moment. As Guo Shiqiang said after the game, in fact, this game in Liaoning showed a very good competitive situation at the offensive end. Xinjiang, who had no choice but to play at home, played a super high level at both ends of the offense and defense, thus defending his home.

Prior to Liaoning's team, Gore sent a double aid team abroad in the first trimester, and Gore's intent is obvious and he wants to resolve the battle as soon as possible. However, Gore nevertheless underestimated the Liaoning team's desire to win, Hudson and Bass continuing the fierceness of previous games, and Han Dejun did not fall into a match with big foreign aid Jefferson. Old captains Yang Ming and Gao Shiyan are also full of fighting spirit on the ground. For a long time, Liaoning took the initiative in the field. Liaoning, who is helpless and lacking in himself, is still suffering from an offense. Together with the three Xinjiang teammates, it is normal to return to feathers.

In the event of a strong array of battles, the Xinjiang team suffered heavy pressure from the previous team after losing a few strong talks. But I have to admit that the team has changed a lot in the last two games, and Adams has also started expanding the task of organizing a series of teams as he scored. The team became faster attack and withdrawal. positive. The defense of iron and blood Ke Lanka and Yu Changdong also caused great constraints inside and outside the Liaoning team.

Furthermore, it should be pointed out that Xinjiang team relied on defense like steel and eliminated Xinjiang team in playoff times. In this battle, Xinjiang again showed the same defensive intensity, faced with the second half that Liaoning could not afford and it is difficult to file an opponent's counterattack. By contrast, the defense of the Liaoning team on the front and back lines is ineffective, and can only rely on offenses that would prevent Xinjiang's offense. Together with the awful devil's home yard in Xinjiang, Guo Shiqiang has nothing to do with wounded soldiers.Go back to Sohu and see more

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