Tuesday , May 18 2021

National Film Bureau: 2018 Chinese Film Bureau Overtakes 60 Billion Yuan for the First Time, Domestic Film Market Represents Over 60% – News – Global IC Store Begins Here

  1. The National Film Office: In 2018, the Chinese film office broke 60 billion yuan for the first time on the domestic film market and accounted for more than 60% _ Xinmin Shizheng
  2. The Chinese cashier exceeded 60 billion, and the word "mouth" became a movie and strong help.
  3. Chinese film annual box office broke 60 billion "Red Sea Action" won multi-dimensional news network
  4. Official release of data: 2018 domestic box office accounted for more than 60% of the total box office 60,976 billion screen number over 60,000 pieces of Mtime Time Network
  5. Chinese plastic aesthetic maturity: 60 billion in total box office, these bad movies are defeated and sent to Sina.com
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