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Time goes by, new year opens the front page, and a new trip is in front of you. Faced with a new round of revitalization and development in Shenyang, faced with the trust of the Central Committee of the Party and the expectations of the city's citizens, we must further enhance the sense of opportunity, crisis and urgency, effectively liberate our minds, be brave in innovation, expand openness and start from here. A New Way of High-Quality Development, Beginning New Year's Day, in the Shenyang Spring Spring's comprehensive revitalization and full rejuvenation!

Yu Yu Sheng Jing, Wei Shen Yang. Dashan Guangchuan, to look at Wanfang. The two generations of Zhong Ling Hao Dang, screaming modern industry, the Red Revolution thunderstorm, Shenyang, this famous city that played a key role in the historical development process, always dared to be the first tough, challenging tough determination, persistence that does not want to lag behind and the courage to it works hard. In a new era, the Central Committee of the Party attaches great importance to the revitalization of the Northeast and to it is the cause of great hope, and the curtain of a new round of revitalization is open, and Shenyang has introduced a rare great development opportunity. In this regard, Shenyang needs to take advantage of internal and external conditions, take development opportunities, leverage development opportunities, and respond to revitalization demands. We need to fully understand this opportunity, and we must be full of self-confidence and determination faced with opportunities.

How many things have always been urgent, the world is turning, time is forced. Faced with the complicated and difficult external environment of global economic development, facing the wave of new technological revolution, facing the competitive situation of all regions in the country and standing at the intersection of the new era, the challenges we face will come. What more. Improve the sense of crisis is to face realities. In the face of difficult tasks and serious challenges, we must make the right skills, take real efforts and suppress the hard work of "hard hit" in order to wait for the spirit of the day and night. Responsible for history, responsible for people, responsible for the city, living in time, cooperating on the pursuit of dreams, using all of their energy to revitalize the development map, create a new world, and do something new.

By pushing on the new round of revitalization and development of Shenyang, it is necessary to go a long way and he must move from country to country. Secretary-General Xi Jinping highlighted the importance of speaking during an inspection visit to Liaoning and the profound promotion of the Symposium for Northeast Revitalization, pointing to the direction for comprehensive revitalization of Shenyang's economy and promoting the overall development of society. This is a guide to action and fundamental tracking for a good job in Shenyang . The Shenyang Municipal Party Committee clearly stated that the whole city should unite thoughts and actions in the spirit of Xi Jinping's secretary-general's important speech and combine the spirit of deep implementation of the important speech of the Secretary-General with important instructions of the "Four Powers" and "Three Progress". Requirements for the deployment and operation of the provincial board of the party, unlike the "four short board" investigation issues, about the "six key work" initiative, do their best to do all these years, and promote high-quality development of Shenyang.

In 2018, we have just sent the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, and in 2019 we will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the People's Republic of China. Standing at the New Year Coordinates, we will look back on the past, and we will see that the difficulties Shenyang faced precisely because of the loss of power of innovation, and has just reformed and opened a special weakness of Shenyang. We emphasize that there is a sense of urgency in revitalization not only that we look forward to the right attitude, but also to advocate scientific methods. It is necessary to clarify that emancipating the mind is a key and fundamental guarantee for the promotion of a new circle of revitalization and development of Shenyang. It is necessary to combine the emancipation of the mind to promote high-quality development and discussion, to break the way of thinking, to update ideas and to allow emancipation to bring itself to the heart of everyone. The revolution has indeed promoted various tasks to create a new situation with ideological liberation. Open the "main switch" of emancipation to break the self-imposed "old fence" and release the "eternal power" of open innovation. Development without openness will not be high-level development, and development without innovation can not be a quality development without open and innovative development, it must be eliminated for lack of competitiveness. The basic driving force of Shenyang's future development lies in expanding openness and innovation, and reliance on open thinking and innovative work, revival and development of the old industrial base in Shenyang can achieve a stable counterattack after the stabilization of the bottom and can only be paid to the Central Committee of the Party and the City People . The last satisfactory answer.

In the new year, promoting open innovation has introduced new demands for staff at all levels. The staffing team is at the core of all the problems, and building a staff team that meets current development demands is a real test with which Shenyang faces. It is imperative to perpetually observe the practice as a "golden standard" for staff testing, and to leave the staff and capabilities and political integrity and the right talents to stand out from the crowd, play their part, and work together to take responsibility for revitalizing and developing Shenyang. It is necessary to build a first-rate city with a business environment as an important starting point for good business this year, to make the sense of reform, openness and public servants deeply rooted in the hearts of cadres at all levels and will build a new type of "pro" and "clear ". The relationship between politics and business, with the optimization of the business environment, opens up the "golden key" of the future of Shenyang.

Years are often simple, Huazhang is new. Today, in the morning light of the first working day of the New Year, when you are full of hope and go on a New Year's Eve, we expect every young person in the city to make their living dreams with their own efforts. I hope every elderly person will feel grateful for their own efforts to develop a constantly changing city.

2019, Yong Li Chaotou. Let us unite and move forward, unwaveringly push the reforms forward and open, and record the pride and glory of Shenyang transformation and innovation development on every page of the New Year!

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