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Nine percent passes the first special job: the new generation of men's group _36 氪

Editor's Note: This article is from the micro-channel public number "Music Harbinger" (ID: nakedmusic), Author: Livia, 36 Krypton release approved.

In the latest issue of Idol Trainee, Cai Xukun, Chen Linong, Fan Wei, Justin Huang Mingxi, Lin Yanjun, Zhu Zhengting, Wang Ziyi, Xiao Gui Wang Linkai, and You Changjing are finally identified as nineteen percent members. At that time there was no summer, and teenagers' scenes that were crying on the stage were still alive. Half a year has passed since the nineteenth became a group, and during the period, besides the recognition of innumerable fans, the most common are the following:

"I'm still a male group, so many words will be separate to buy an album deposit …"

"Every day I see only boards in the form of people, I really want them to see how they fit!"

"Day 123: Is the NP Outside the Box Today?"

After so long, I'm waiting for him, it's early in the winter, this "On the Cobble" is finally available.

Nine Percent launches the first special job: the new generation of a male team

"Do The Nines": nine young men sailed

In general, the concept of The Nines is very strong, with a total of seven tracks. From "Awesome 9%" that breaks the rumors of the "Innovators" team who personally want to make the rules, "No" and "Dance Dance" spreading energy … Whether it's a matter of business With regard to the wealth of stories or the story's integrity, NINE PERCENT provided a nearly complete answer. Compared to the teenagers on the stage, nine teenagers showed a mature face more than before.

Nine Percent launches the first special job: the new generation of a male team

Before the release of "To The Nines", DANAS PERCENT has long been suspicious of the music of the team. Captain Cai Xukun said that everyone devoted a lot of time and energy to the album, and he is willing to choose a "slow job and fine job" rather than rush to release the job.

Today it is undoubtedly recognized the choice of NINE PERCENT. From market data, "The Nines" has achieved more than 8 million results after pre-selling QQ music, cool dog music, cool music and microphone music before 9 November.

Nine Percent launches the first special job: the new generation of a male team

As for the music of this album, the album's songs include rock, lyrical R & B, retro disc and many other styles, just like NICE PERCENT different faces.

Among them, the "Innovator", nicknamed "The Turtle Shell" by fans, is a fast track with a powerful sense of power. Known songwriter Wu Yiwei and members have completed the creation of the verse, emphasizing the positive attitude of younger generations to the courage to innovate and risk. The MVs in which the members personally participated were designed with a dark dark room, a photo wall, and other eye-catching elements combined with the dance fragments of the NATURA PERCENT group, giving the audience a powerful visual sense, which is easily left out deep memory.

Nine Percent launches the first special job: the new generation of a male team

Another lyrical song, "Good Things," produced by Veraan, illustrates NINE PERCENT's other attempts to become the cracking effect. In that narrow song, fans can clearly distinguish who comes the verse, fully emphasizing the voice characteristics of the members.

And this song can also be considered a small epitome of the entire album "To The Nines": the album contains different styles, presents a number of features to show fans of different characters. How can this subtly integrate into one. And this is also the favorite point of a large male team.

Gypsophila in the fire: NINE PERCENT and nine of them

When the team was not fit, NINE PERCENT members had their activities in different fields and achieved remarkable results. As the supreme love beans delivered by the domestic platform, their business value and business capability have been successfully tested by the market.

As far as business co-operation is concerned, besides joining friends with different brands that are popular with many consumers, this group of young people also has numerous recognitions. For example, Cai Xukun holds the Yangshengtang mask and is approved by X23. Chen Linong is a spokesman for the Day of Youth Shiseido Waso and the series, the new Yanyang Summer Series. The Prince is Spokesperson Schwarzkopf (Fiseri) … Apart from an individual, a group also exists. Co-branding cooperation in the form of "small teams", such as You Changjing, Lin Yanjun and Prince Yi, serve together as Tmall Wonders and so on.

Fashion and entertainment are not separated, and NINE PERCENT, which comes with a group of devoted fans, is a frequent visitor to various magazines. Not to mention that all members have already appeared, Captain Cai Xukun appeared on the cover of six magazines, including "Red Show", "Feraro" and "ELLE". Fan Yi and Wang Zi also served as "Fashion COSMO" Covering Characters publications such as the small bourgeois CHIC.

Nine Percent launches the first special job: the new generation of a male team

On the one hand, team members successfully abused their faces in the eyes of the market audience. On the other hand, NINE PERCENT has also actively demonstrated through a multi-brand ace show like "Happy Camp", "Everyday" and "Run". The quality of the first-class male team and the positive energy of young artists after the 95's.

Returning to Aidu's position, ahead of NINE PERCENT's "To the Nines", members made different attempts at music. For example, Cai Xukun made the core singles "1", the main song "wait await" with delicate schedule and sounds, is firmly locked in a new list of songs, a popular index of indices, continental fever for ten days of consecutive days. The song list was the first and won the Asian song list championship for four consecutive weeks.

Nine Percent launches the first special job: the new generation of a male team

Another member of the team, Yu Changjing, is more dedicated to the music of television and television works, sung the OST "Ao Red Dust" TV series "Fujian" and the theme song of the same movie "Ying Qing Qing" and is still in the new Chinese crab. "The Scene of Cooperation with Nawoo" "Flying to the North" was a blockbuster, confirming the strength of its lead singer.

Music works released by various members in different fields offer fans and ordinary fans the opportunity to truly feel the characteristics of the group "More People and More Colors". This is especially important for making Nine. By allowing members to freely develop their music career over the past six months, album makers have done a good job of harvesting the aesthetics and the personality of each team's music, and knowing in advance how the market prevails for their color and singing. .

This is a bold attempt by Ain PERCENT that manages the combination of NINE PERCENT, and is also an operation and game with multiple companies and capital.

Research on the New Generation Mode of the Male Youth League

There is no doubt that "Idol Trainer" is a phenomenal variety show, and NINE PERCENT from this stage is also born in the public eye. However, even such a new generation of male teams with a very high starting point, there are various operational difficulties.

For the time being, male team training in the program lasts only four months. Members of different companies and the acceptance of completely different packaging operations are enough to make Aidou Century a headache. Although nineteen minutes have been established, members have completed their transition from competing to teammates, but the company has different arrangements for developing their artists, and it is difficult to get on working days.

Nine Percent launches the first special job: the new generation of a male team

Aidou Century did not adopt the method of accelerating works in the time when the group was the most appropriate, but decided to respect the members' self-confidence to finish the high-quality stage. In the previous interview, NINE PERCENT said that preparing for "The Nines" lasts for three or four months. In order to ensure the efficiency of the group phase, members who are resting or busy will be able to work as soon as possible or later within the agreed time frame.

Undoubtedly, this requires more time and effort to work for a limited male team. Aidou Century made such a schedule and achieved consensus with NINE PERCENT: Eternal and the company is not popular, but it does. On the market of male groups, which looks saturated and empty, quick success will quickly disappear.

Earlier, Chen Yuetian, a 85-year-old investor who invested in SNH48 and original images, said: "There is a greater value for the male group and the male star in China than the actress, but why did not the men go out? correctly.

Nine Percent launches the first special job: the new generation of a male team

So, what is a true domestic male group that meets the public's ideals? There is a need to have the literacy of Aidu's business abilities, the more they need to strike a balance between love for grain and business exposure, they should have an avant-garde attitude of personality, but also have the sincerity of music and stage, and the most important is the "team" of the male team.

NINE PERCENT, a young male group, gradually achieves public expectations for the ideal domestic male team.

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