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The Beijing Youth Team introduced a team of high-level teachers

Snow on the outside, this winter hot spot

Korean coach Song Caixian has "started to work"

Nikolai (right) and Matia are professional alpine ski coaches

This winter is of great importance to the young players of the Beijing junior team because it is not just the first snow season after the team's expansion, but also a new team abroad, including the former Japanese national ski coach. The team of foreign teachers, including Nikolaj, officially joined not only will be alpine ski coaches, but also foreign teachers from Korea who have recently been added to the team. It can be said that the Beijing Youth Ski Team, which was formed soon, has strong technical support.

Foreign coaches are not small

It is understandable that the coach in hand is an important measure after Peking Skiing Company and Ai Xue Xue reached agreement on strategic co-operation. The association used ski resources owned by the famous 1031 company "for the benefit of the Beijing Youth Team". "At the end of September, a formal signing ceremony for coaching for both parties' coaches was officially completed, and the club also selected a team of qualified trainers for the youth ski team in line with the special requirements of the association. they only participated, but they personally continued to lead small players to complete each test. Although selection activities were only a few days, their extraordinary work ability and affinity were recognized by parents and small players.

Namely, Italian Nikolai Paulen will be the main Alpine ski trainer. As the main coach of the 3rd Japanese Winter Olympics, he was in 2010, 2014 and 2018. He also led many national athletes who moved on to the Winter Olympics. His assistant, Janice Matia, is also good at teaching alpine skiing for teenagers, and equally experienced. According to the data, from early 2010 to the time of arrival in China, the young skiing team trained and led by Janice won tens of awards at regional and Italian national youth champions. In addition, the new snowboard team this year also has a high level of foreign teachers. Song Caixian, who holds the title of Doctor of Science, is the principal trainer of the Korean Association of Professional Pendants, and more importantly, a rich teaching experience and a profound professional foundation, and is particularly good at teaching young veneer competitions.

For the introduction of foreign teachers, Li Xiaoming Ski Association president said it was a better environment for training small players and building a better platform. He said: "The main purpose of our co-operation is the introduction of advanced foreign teachers so that our small team members can open their eyes, understand the most advanced technology in the world, accept the best guidelines and hope that such a model can really allow players With the introduction of foreign teachers, Beijing Ski the association will continue to co-operate with numerous skiing training institutions in Beijing to conduct various forms of skiing training, excursion training and other activities for young skiers and other players. All children who love skiing offer better coaching resources and skiing platforms.

The introduction of foreign teachers is welcome to parents of children

Higher foreign teachers certainly have their uniqueness in the technical abilities and the concept of skiing, but many people are concerned that cultural differences and differences between the small ski environment and the foundation, the children of the Italian Ski Association can benefit from it. it? With this question, the Beijing Youth Daily journalist interviewed the number of members of the ski team and their parents. Players say that although foreign teachers officially started team training, but from previous knowledge and team selection activities during the eleven, the overseas coach gave you a completely different concept of skiing, even though they were in the middle. Most people are more or less exposed to foreign teachers, but after all, the time is short. Now, after the ski team has hired a foreign teacher, they can keep track of foreign teachers and competitions for a long time, which is enough for people to rejoice.

Not only are small players happy in the snow field after the snow season has arrived, and even their parents are happy. At the beginning of the year, Zhang Dingyue won the Golden Medal at the Grand Slam Youth Championship at the National Alpine Skiing Championships and won the title of a national athlete at the second level. Her mother talking to journalist Beiqing Daily said she was introducing foreign teachers a very important initiative. She said: "The total level of alpine skiing in China is far from that in foreign countries, and the gap in the education of young people is even greater, and we can say that we are just starting, so we can introduce foreign trainers to improve the overall level of sport and improve the concept of youth training This is especially a great promotion and improvement. "

As parents Zhang Dingyue said, "going out and introducing" is an important measure for the development of snow and ice. Given the fact that the domestic snow project has a weak foundation and a low starting point, it has to be done "both have to be understood and both must be difficult." With the strong support of all parties, the work of "going out and introducing" is gradually being implemented, and for the youth , as soon as they know the correct and advanced concepts and technologies, they have a lot to grow and grow. An important role, just in this way, can keep the project healthy.

Snowmen have also begun to ask foreign teachers

In addition to the "small peaks" of the Beijing ski team, the snowmen in the Beijing ski circuit started to seek to hire foreign teachers for the past year or two. Although office workers have relatively limited skiing time per week, they have acquired a certain level and ability after several years of accumulation. Simple primary and midway slopes can not meet their needs, and there is also a great search for action and difficulties, and the currently convenient trainer is particularly important. Many Xueyou were greatly improved by following only training, so the coach is not new, and as everyone's level continues to improve, people are no longer satisfied with the home trainers. Since the beginning of last year, some ski resorts in Beijing and Hebei have been foreign teachers, and this season has been reduced by the number of such foreign faces.

In an interview, the Beiqing Daily reporter found that many ski lovers have the opportunity to learn and contact with foreign teachers by participating in relevant courses and ski school training. When asked about the gap between Chinese and foreign trainers, many responded: "The main difference is the conceptual gap, which can give us mostly skiing for trainers or training institutions, but the outside church speaks of a deep understanding of skiing and other cultural connotation, as well as some action demonstrations. As a result, we can be more acceptable. "It is understandable that even though the current language courses are expensive, however, data from last year's snow season show that many courses and camps are trained.

Lei Jiu Si is one of them. Even though he is a high school student, he is not worse than an adult snowman. A high school student who has achieved good results in Beijing and the national competition for skiing (the project of alpinistic skiing) is also one of the "users", but most of them opt to accept overseas teachers in China. European professional athletes train together. Last summer, he trained and lived in France a month, so long-term contact with top European athletes and training team also made Lei Jiuyi a lot. He said that foreign teachers are comprehensive in their own promotion. With such teachers of foreign teachers personally pointing, the level of skiing will certainly improve faster.

Text / Rapporteur Zhang Kunlong

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