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Star sky in December is the brightest comet of the year will be close to Earth – Beijing Evening News – Hanfeng Net

2018-11-30 14:00:42 Source: Beijing Evening News

In December, "Astronomical Theater" is expected, except for objects astronomical enthusiasts find – Gemini meteor shower will be the same as the date. The brightest comet this year – The Vertanen Comet will also be close to Earth and visible to the naked eye. In addition, the observation conditions of several large planets are good. On December 2, Venus will introduce the brightest, and July 15, Mercury will start in the West.

Dr. Wang Yumin from Beijing, the Ancient Observatory, noted that the most anticipated in December was the Gemini meteor shower, one of the three major meteor shower of the year. The Gemini meteor shower appears between 4 and 17 December each year. The meteor is generally lighter and has a medium speed of movement, which was the main target of the astronomical enthusiast. This year's Gemini meteor shower took place on December 14th, and the point of radiation rose from northeast to the afternoon, and the zenith hourly meteorological number was 120. "At this point, it's the first quarter of a month, the observation conditions are better in the middle of the night. attention to the cold and warmth when we look at it. "

In December, a comet can be seen with the naked eye – Vertanin's comet. Wang Yumin said this is a short-lived comet that lasts about 5.44 years around the sun. "Although it has been discovered for a long time, the sun is nearly every five years, but this time it is close to the sun and especially close to the earth." Understand that it will pass near the orbital proximity on August 13, and the closest to Earth 16, about 10 million miles away from us, with light 3 and so on. Not far from the comets of the Taurus group. "This can be seen with the naked eye in places where the light pollution is light, which will be even better with the telescope, and this is the brightest comet of the year."

In addition, the conditions for observing the planet in December are good. Second, Venus has achieved the brightest. Wang Yumin said that this is the second brightest day of Venus this year, with a brightness of around -4.9. At this time, Venus is the star of the morning, and is located in the southeast of the sky at sunrise. The ground's height is about 33 °, which is easy to observe. "Remember your position and direction of travel, and you can still see when the weather is nice after the sun goes out."

July 15 Mercury will travel to the West. At this point, Mercury is the star of the morning, and at sunset, is located in the southeast of the sky. At the western distance, the maximum angular distance between Mercury and Sun is 21 °, the ground level is about 17 °, and the brightness is about -0.5. Observation conditions are very good. Mars will go straight from Aquarius to Ribe this month. It is located in the southern sky at sunset at 3. and can be seen in the middle of the night.

In addition, in December there will be many beautiful days "with the Moon". At 4:42 am on December 4, Venus will appear at 3.6 ° south of the Moon, creating a striking Venus from the Moon. On December 9th, if the observation conditions are good at night, you can see Saturn with the Moon, and at the low sunset of the western sky you can see a thin new moon. March will be held on December 15, and Mars will be at 3.6 ° north of the Moon. Bisuw will be in the month of December 21, and Bisuw will be 1.7 degrees south of the Moon. "However, at this moment the moon is round, too light and difficult to observe."

(Article source: Beijing Evening News)

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