Sunday , May 16 2021

Synthesis of Serie A: C Luo has risen to the top of the Higuain record list – Xianning News Network News

  1. Serie A Synopsis: C Luo came out to the top of the shooter list, Higuain broke the ball.
  2. 49 goals + Champions League Champion! The perfect ending of C Ronaldo in 2018 can not beat him.
  3. The Most Sensitive Ofsajd in History! Is Juventus not worth mentioning this goal? _Mobile NetEase Net Mobile NetEase
  4. A Rome C Romeo Series opened another footage for the first time, Y Zu Yun, a half-point record of Sin Chew Daily
  5. C Ronaldo is awful! The 34-year-old still squats the Serie A defensive lock chain can not keep it to the Son
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