Friday , January 22 2021

The index of the Sino-US internet diva ETF comes. Will you buy it? – Economic Viewer – Website for Professional Finance

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Rapporteur of the Jiang Xin Economic Monitoring Network Investors who are optimistic about the Internet industry can buy ETFs that cover online giants in China and the United States.

On November 12, NASDAQ announced the launch of the Nasdaq China US Internet Tiger Index, which follows the trend of Chinese and US internet diva. TigerShares, a subsidiary of Tiger Securities, has received an exclusive license from the index. It also released the world's first ETF product, TTTN, to track the index, filling the gap in the industry.

The index monitors the performance of 20 Internet-based shares, including 10 Chinese Internet marketers with the highest market capitalization and 10 US Internet companies with the highest market capitalization. The index uses a revised market-weighted approach to rebalancing companies and increasing quarterly index tracking. The NASDAQ index in China and the US currently includes US Amazon (AMZN), Google (GOOG), Facebook (FB) and Chinese Alibaba (BABA), Tencent (700), Baidu (BIDU) and other world-famous Internet div.

Today, China and the United States are already hot spots for "online giants". These online giants come from high growth industries such as e-commerce, cloud computing, search, social, mobile payment, AI, travel, streaming and online gaming, and penetrate into every area of ​​human life. The most successful online giants have the advantage of the first user, the scale of performance, and the brand's dominance in many high growth industries around the world. Chris Tse (Xie Yikang), director of the Asia Pacific region and NASDAQ Index Services, said that under the trend of China and the United States to become the twin engines of global Internet development, the Nasdaq China-US Internet Tiger Index was born.

Currently, TTTN, the ETF product that follows the index, was officially listed on NASDAQ Stock Exchange on November 7th. It is known as TigerShares China-US Internet Titans ETF (TTTN). TigerShares is a fund manager.

Xuyang, executive director of TigerShares, said TTTN's constituent stocks and weights copied "NASDAQ China and the US Internet Tiger Index", following the minimization of tracking errors, and its release filled the gap in the industry. TTTN was the first ETF product to focus on simultaneously monitoring the online giants of China and the United States, and quarterly tailored its components. TTTN is the first ETF product to focus on simultaneously monitoring the online giants of China and the US. Catch a fast-growing Internet business on time.


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